Confidence- a ten letters magical word, one knows it’s power and somehow manages to have it he/she can do wonders in life!

If one has confidence on oneself it’s called self confidence. It’s easier to have confidence on others than ourselves because to have confidence in yourself you will have to be responsible for your failures like you take credit for your success. Very few people have that much guts so usually people manages with other’s confidence in life. But if you are reading this post that means you are ready to build your self confidence, your are ready to be the master of your life and you are ready to take the responsibility of your actions.

Let’s begin with a story- Once Napoleon Bonaparte was going to cross Alps (a mountain). Before him nobody was able to do so. His soldiers were scared because they knew death was certain. The journey started they came across a mountain, soldiers asked is this Alps, he said no and they crossed the mountain easily after crossing the mountain Napoleon called his commander and told that we have crossed Alps he was surprised to know that it was so easy.

This is what a man with self confidence can do first he can take other into confidence and then can make them do miraculous works under his guidance.

If you want to increase your self confidence first thing you do is start taking the responsibility of your actions. Don’t try to impose the adverse results of your actions on other. How will this help?

Well this will increase your integrity in the people’s mind and they will start seeing you as a leader that will boost your self confidence further. Everybody wants to work with such a responsibile leader because everybody don’t have efsl-confidence.

Other thing you should do is read books on different subjects. This will enhance your perception of looking at things and will make you more open – minded. Once you become open minded and the cover on your brain is removed, man you can do wonders. Reading books will also give you overview of different subjects by which you will be able to summarise more discussion and fit into various groups confidently.

Third thing you can do to boost your self confidence is stay connected to the nature. Nature have higher vibrations so if you are connected to it there is a higher chance of you vibrating at a higher frequency. So take out some time from your work and spend it in the lap of mother nature. Get some sunlight,climb a mountain,swim a river,walk barefoot on grass whatever you like but spend some of your time with the nature. This will boost your self confidence enormously and you will feel more energetic as well.

Try technology fast of one or two days a week. This will give you an opportunity to get out of virtual world and experience the real world. Spend your day with parents,old friends, do something you would like to do in your childhood. After all it’s the good memories that stay with us forever!

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