WB SOC Series #013: Working Towards The Vision, Living in the Process, & Internal Transformation

Another day of just working towards the vision. Even though the destination may be far away, I am still inspired every day because working towards that goal is very fulfilling. I’ve played a game before. It is an incremental game in which you can progress one level at a time and upgrade. Eventually you will reach the highest level and in life it is the same way. As someone who loves cheating the system, I hacked the game and gave myself the highest level right there on the spot. This made the entire game become boring and meaningless because there was no longer any new level to ascend to. This made me lose interest in it & also I no longer valued the process. And so this one game taught me a valuable lesson.

It taught me that incremental growth is actually more fulfilling than reaching the final destination. It taught me that kaizen & constant growth is way more priceless and valuable than being at a high level all of the time and being at the best possible place. If I were to time travel to the past, I’d love to start at the very bottom of life and start working my way to the top step by step. Thus, it is essential for us to focus on the growing process each day and not on the final vision or destination. Anchoring a long term vision is good, but don’t let it be the main intention for everything that you do but rather embrace the process of growth on a daily basis and you will be very fulfilled from that.

Stagnation in our growth is when spiritual / internal death occurs. This is actually way worse than actual death because while we are living we are meant to keep expanding. This is why most individuals who are stagnated fall into depression or anxiety or other forms of mood disorders that are not really disorders but rather internal conflict from not following their true heart and intuition. A key principle I follow nowadays is following my heart & intuition and you’ll notice that everything that is right for you will come to you and you will be led by a higher power to all the things you need for your journey. There is no chasing or pursuing. As in the Bible says, “you are planted between two streams like a tree” and all the things will come flowing to you. You just need to be still.

I never considered myself a great writer. However I continued to write & release 100+ articles (one article a day) and eventually I feel as if my skills are being finetuned every time I write more and more. Now of course the gramatical errors here and there are absolutely prevalent, but it doesn’t stop me from fully expressing my ideas which is the essential point of writing in the first place and so you grammar nazis can hop off my back on that hahaha. Either way, I’m in the process of continuously growing and the journey of mastery is a life long pursuit and even when I die, I will not have achieved complete mastery over all things because there are next levels and dimensions to mastery on a infinite level especially when you understand the existence of God the Most High.

My greatest regret in life is not investing in myself sooner and trying to chase superficial things to build up my “image” which is extremely fleeting. Investing in yourself is the process of creating massive identity transformation which allows us to be a better version and attract even better things to ourselves. As Jim Rohn said, “Don’t wish things were easy, get stronger.” (Perhaps not the same exact words he said but something of that sort). Another thing he said was “Success is not something you pursue, but something you attract”. This means that by becoming a better version of yourself on a constant basis, you will naturally attract all the things necessary to take you to the next level which will lead you to your inevitable success.

My last and final thought before I wrap up this article is, never let anyone put you down. If anyone is ever doing that, they are simply insecure and not confident with themselves. They are too scared to manifest & attract their ideal vision and work towards it and so they are projecting these fears on to you. Never let them affect you ever because you are destined to be much more than the things they say about you. They know nothing about you and they are subconsciously projecting all the things they feel bad about themselves on to you. If I was in a prior phase of life I would say these people are the ultimate scum and parasites of life. But as I’ve grown in my personal development & spiritual fulfillment, I realize now that we must practice compassion for these individuals especially because they are in deep need of unconditional love & spiritual upliftment. (Just looked up on Google. Upliftment is not a word but it is now because I’m the boss of this blog and I can give meaning to everything in my reality. IN YOUR FACE!! ALL YOU SOCIETAL MATRIX ENTITIES TRYING TO CORRECT EVERYTHING THAT IS “WRONG”)

If you’ve enjoyed this article, feel free to reach out to me via Facebook and shoot a direct message to me or email me at kevin@holistic-life-design.com. I’d love to hear you feedback and thoughts overall.

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