The Art of Delegation & Outsourcing

As someone who engages in personal development & business, I generally hate doing a lot of things. There are only certain things that I enjoy and so I present to everyone the art of delegation & outsourcing. Some people believe you have to be massively rich to be able to do this. This is not true. You can delegate even when you’re first starting out in business which allows you to save time, which is the most valuable asset you actually have rather than money. Time is finite while money can always be made again as you increase your value in the marketplace. One particular thing I love especially about delegation & outsourcing is that there are other people who will LOVE doing the things you absolutely hate and this is why they are so good at it as well.

I love just focusing on the things I am passionate about and love doing and this simply excites me emotionally & energetically which is a valuable essence to have especially when we are in this type of work. This allows us to build up to higher levels much more comfortably and smoothly. It is the art of leveraging money to have people work for us instead of us working for money and I believe this is one of the keys to the freedom lifestyle in business. I believe many business owners could work on the delegation process of things which will bring more time freedom into their lives doing the things they wish to do.

Now the essential core things we need when it comes to delegation is that, we need to have a level of understanding and knowledge of that certain subject we wish to delegate before we outsource it to someone else because if you delegate everything without awareness, you wouldn’t know whether or not someone is doing their best work or just doing their work half-heartedly leaving you with ineffective results. This is why true leaders have the valuable essence of being a bit good at almost everything which allows them to be able to delegate to higher level individuals who excel at what they do not and at the same time understand what they are doing.

I can delegate effectively now because I’ve tried multiple things myself and built various skillsets and so in terms of writing articles let’s say, I know that writing a 750+ word article takes about 10-15 minutes and so if someone tries to tell me it takes over 2 hours to do so, I know something isn’t matching up here. Now of course it also depends on what type of article it is and the fact that some people might be more skilled than others is another factor as well but all in all, the estimated time frames are usually the same and so no one can hustle me in terms of delegation & outsourcing. I believe outsourcing is so powerful because someone who compensate for all our weak areas which we no longer have to spend time on because we have someone we can rely on for those particular things.

The last thing I’d like to leave everyone with in term of delegation is that you should always follow your calling & passion no matter what and never let society tell you what you should do that would make a “good” living because only your heart knows what’s true for you. And as for building these passions don’t hesitate to reach out to mentors or coaches who can take you to the next level in your business / passion. There is much higher ROI in spending 100k in self-education & mentorship than spending $100k on college in my personal opinion. There is value in college and that is the building of personal connections with other people while you are there and at this point of my life, I know that relationships & connections are one of the most important facets of a happy fulfilling life.

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