WB SOC Series #012: Performing Miracles, Humility + God’s Gift, & Irresponsible People

Lately, I’ve been feeling so awesome. A lot of amazing things going on all at the same time. I really have to credit all to God and also the quantum jumping technique he provided for me. It seems that I now have the ability to sift between realities and attract all the most ideal manifestations that work for me to the highest level. With this new found power to alter reality in a way that is most suitable for me and God as well, I now can operate with high levels of confidence on a consistent basis without any limitations. I am enrolled in multiple high ticket programs that are transformative & hired multiple coaches to assist me in my growth. It is only in the beginning phase and I am already seeing such results. What a miracle.

Anyway a key aspect I have worked on tremendously is humility and seeing the value / gift of God in others even though at face value they may not possess any high level business skills or fundamentals of consistent personal development which are things that I admire. Because I know have my God goggles on as someone named Preston Smiles would say, I can now see the Most High in almost every situation I come across and that is such an empowering process. My deepest gratitude is to one of my newest mentors for inviting to be a part of his team. It is not a big team either but like a band of very close brothers and I feel glad to be a part of something so valuable. Their vision aligns with mine for Holistic Life Design and I look forward to continuing to work with them.

One pet peeve of mine lately is when someone schedules a time with me to get on a call but misses it repeatedly because his time management really sucks. Not going to drop names but especially for those working in the business field, you really need to get your things together man. Anyway, I’ll forgive these individuals as Jesus Christ would forgive us unconditionally and try my best to overlook this and see the value in this scenario. One thing this highlights to me is it makes me appreciate my conciseness in scheduling meetings or calls with others and always being on time. It is indeed a good sign that someone who doesn’t show up on time is someone who is irresponsible. However there are exceptions of course. One example of this exception is misreading a certain meeting date because of different time zones & locations which can be easily misread because a time in New York would be on a day before and a time in somewhere like Australia would be a day ahead.

This can confuse people sometimes and I would say these are moments that exceptions are necessary. However for those people who are arrogant and feel like everyone should appease their time because they think their time is more valuable than everyone elses’, then they need to stay the heck away honestly. Narcissism is one of those traits that I despise even though I had these traits at one point in my life. Now, just because we are good at something such as in skill or ability or even knowledge, doesn’t mean that we are better than anyone else. It simply means we’ve been gifted by the graces of God to serve him in a better way. That is a fundamental truth not only in metaphysics but in life overall.

Anyway, I’m a little bit slightly annoyed that there’s this one dude who keeps procrastinating or like not showing up on time after agreeing on a certain time just because he positioned himself as a so-called expert or something which should make you extremely responsible when it comes to being on time. I will let this be a cathartic process for me and allow me transmute these negative energies into priceless gold. To be honest, this annoyance really stems from the fact that some people assume my time isn’t valuable which is insane if you actually knew who I was and what I have to share with the world and the influence I’ve already created thus far. Even God would deem this to be a laughable matter and so thus, I will allow God to take care of this situation in a way that makes the most sense.

I also see it as an opportunity for me to completely cleanse someone else’s demons and exalt them to the proper place instead of being stuck in this societal matrix programming of trying to find fulfillment from external validation. I see this problem in the person I am interacting with, but who knows let’s see how it goes when I can actually get on a call with this darn guy ahahaha. Anyway, I feel blessed overall and I’m looking forward to upgrading & evolving myself so that I can serve the Most High in the best possible way on a constant basis and feel good while doing so. There’s no more guilt anymore. No one can guilt trip me into thinking that my modalities are not the right path because I’ve balanced both polarities and worked extremely hard into maintaining the Holy Spirit connection. This is my foundation and one day I will let this cup runneth over so that all the goodness spills to everybody around me.

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