Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections


It’s impossible to ever get scammed in life.

Any monetary transaction has an energetic signature to it.

Money is energy.

Everything is made of energy.

If someone does “scam” you, you will get the energetic equivalent of a very valuable & transformative lesson even if it doesn’t come in the form of the advertised product

However if you hold on this belief that you’ve gained nothing from the experience, then that will become true for you too.

Thoughts become things.

The more emotionally charged it is, the faster the physical manifestation whether it’s in the positive or negative direction.
Some people put money on a pedestal. I just see it as a fun game which is why I’m not afraid to play with it.

However it is the meaning / energetic signature to it that gives it any power at all.

That is why electricity / energy is also called current.

And money is called “currency”.

When you are bioelectrically charged up, you have current which allows you to manifest more money, that is if you have the social dynamics aspects down as well because business requires interaction & connection.

In order to “capitalize” on your current, you have to develop business acumen because the spiritual side of things are too high up in the sky, which makes the missing elements the grounded aspects.

Grounded elements include practical knowledge, technical skills, outsourcing to other people, seeking 1-on-1 coaching, and taking consistent massive action.

When you operate with the mindset that everything is energetic exchange, life becomes a fun game.

I always focus on giving good energy to everyone & God rewards me through reciprocation of everything I put out.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this segment.

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Take care & God bless you!


Another key principle I learned recently is double down on all of your one on one relationships with people. That is way more important than your social media traction.

Having one close connection with a high value / high status individual who is fulfilled in every aspect can transform everything in your whole reality compared to having a million followers of people who are still stuck in the societal matrix.

Followers are not hard to build once you have capital to invest into branding & marketing in the later phase. Building connections & relationships first and foremost are the foundational pieces to building that solid vision you wish to manifest.

Thus, I’m currently in incognito mode / stealth mode & super maximized in terms of value, skill, & ability.

The route I’ve decided to take is build my capital to extremely high levels first and then invest in marketing & branding like it’s a fun game and start influencing people that way.
Really looking forward to all of that.

By the way, if you like my content, feel free to reach out to me through DM on Facebook or shoot an email to and maybe we could collaborate or work together as well.

Take care & have a blessed day.

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