Self-Expression is Freedom

Self-expression is the key to your freedom. The freedom from the shackles of society. Express yourself as much as possible. You must release those chains strapped to your soul. Release them as soon as possible because it is dead weight that holds you back from your true potential. I myself have released these shackles long ago the moment I’ve started to truly express myself through my music & writing. Art is a cool way to express yourself. Art is good. See if you can pick up a certain art to engage in. My self-expression is one of my highest priorities because I must be able to show who I truly am. When I express myself, I am being myself.

God designed us to be great and so being ourselves is a way to demonstrate the greatness that God put within us. The reason we cannot pull out the greatness most of the time is due to the brainwashing of society & this disempowers us to be at our best. We must regain our freedom by being our natural selves. We can overcome any adversity when this is our dominant modality. I am writing this article not only to share knowledge & wisdom, but to express who I am inside. I have an inner child within that desires to be heard by the world and so I am giving him some attention today.

It seems that we can truly operate with effectiveness especially when we are being our true selves through self-expression. One way I now engage in self-expression is recording videos of myself speaking on camera. Sometimes I do this for up to an hour which is a very alleviating process and also a good pre-qualifier for those on my social media if their attention span / interest can last up to an hour which allows me to spread my message to those who vibrate on my same frequency. Anyhow, self-expression is one of the foundational pieces to our overall growth because being ourselves is the catalyst to personal development & evolution / growth.

I now have attracted many opportunities from people especially because I’ve found the courage to express myself wholeheartedly and tap into the gift that God wanted me to use to share with the world. Self-expression not only frees us, but opens a portal that allows us to feel comfort, peace, & fulfillment. In a previous article, I explained why comfort is good and there is also aligned discomfort as well which is a concept I will discuss later on. However, the peace & fulfillment aspect of it is so amazing because those are one of the key things that everyone wants in life. I am now such a confident individual because I’ve learned to use this gift of self-expression to my advantage and have a social circle of very high value people who surround me on a day-to-day basis.

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