WB SOC Series #011: Spiritual Transmutation, Advanced Business is Metaphysics, & The Special Group of 10%

This is going to be great. I am so bothered by this whole energetic transmutation process. I am experiencing this current dilemma right now as an awakened & higher consciousness individual who is connected with the Holy Spirit. Here is what is happening to me right now.

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Anyway yeah, that’s what’s going on with me right now. It is so annoying but also after I do it, I feel so high and happy like I am on top of the world. Now I do know I need to be more grounded overall if I want to manifest this whole entire vision I have for Holistic Life Design.

So right now I’m on Facebook and stuff. I think a lot of people are possessed with these entities. I post a lot of crap on Facebook too so I might offend people which would make them angry and send hateful / negative / dark energy over to me which is causing this whole burping thing to occur.

Now I don’t even dabble in meaningless conversation ever anymore. I am a diligent worker when it comes to proper allocation of my time. So I don’t use it sparingly like I have an unlimited tap of time. I try my best to maximize the ROI. So anyway, I think publishing this article is good because I posted a lot of metaphysical stuff prior to the eventual release of this. I am going to post this so I don’t look as crazy and can emanate a little bit of professionalism at least.

Although truly I don’t care too much because metaphysics and business actually go hand-in-hand when we’re talking about the upper levels especially the top 1%. So business owners out there, if you’re weirded out by the whole metaphysical thing, just know you got a lot of room to grow. I’m not throwing shade at you or whatever, but it’s simply the truth.

The Holistic Life Design Transformational Coaching Program will probably help you out a lot. Now as someone is an adept in metaphysics which seems like such an intangible and invisible subject, I can tell you with 100% confidence that metaphysics is actually the most important thing second to having faith in God.

Without metaphysics, you are basically living through out life surrounded by darkness and being unable to see. Being drifted by the currents of the waves of societal programming and you can never break through these chains of slavery. Metaphysics is indeed the solution or at least the stepping stone to the truth.

Eventually when you become an adept in metaphysics, you will come to know the existence of God and how relevant He is to your life whether or not you’re a business man, entrepreneur, or even just some rich sass that has no interest in spirituality at all.

Since this topic is not mainstream at all, it sometimes feels uncomfortable to even talk about it because nobody gives a crap about metaphysics overall unless they are on your vibrational frequency. Now I can definitely make this topic interesting when I shoot my next speaking video on my Facebook which I am definitely looking forward to.

Because I have good tonality, and self-expression, I can present these ideas in a way that resonates with people and make it easy for them to digest so that they can see the power and relevancy of metaphysics. Now when I do say metaphysics, I’m not talking too much about the philsophy side of it as the typical definition of metaphysics would say, but rather the spiritual side more closer to Faith than philosophy itself.

Now the biggest thing I could leave you guys with is that, you better brush up on your spiritually if you want to live a good holistic lifestyle. Fulfilling, that is. I get tired sometimes trying to simply share these ideas that completely resonate with my heart because I get a sense that 90% of people I share this with will not care at all. So I congratulate the 10% of you.

You are truly unique, special, & an elite group of individuals. The fact you are even reading this whole article up to this point shows you have unique set of codes & are operating at a high level frequency. At this point we don’t even care too much about money though it is cool to manifest that, but rather we seek fulfillment & soul expression. That is the truth. That is what everybody should seek as a human being.

Not only that, we are so powerful, much more powerful than you think now. And I’m not talking about Law of Attraction or being a co-creator. I’m saying that every decision you make has a chain reaction that affects other people. I can get into this quantum mechanically but I wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly enough so just know. You’re super powerful dude or dudette. Whoever you are. Thank you. Thank you for reading my blog.

It makes me feel appreciated which is what everyone on earth wants. The feeling of appreciation. A human’s fundamental need & desire / craving. The feeling of appreciation is the deep feeling that everybody wants especially influencers & celebrities. That’s why it is so easy for me to connect with them. I know about 5 influencers right now and I am good friends with all of them.

We speak to each other like we’ve known each other for years. That’s just my soul communication dude. I can talk about some much advanced stuff, but this is not the right target yet. I will create in-depth advanced content for those of you who are super spiritually “woke” individuals. I will transform your life holistically. I guarantee that. Trust me.

Anyway, these topics are my favorite, and I don’t care if no one resonates with it because I just want to express my truth. The truth that we are powerful individuals who seek appreciation & love. So, yeah the message today is simply “KNOW THAT YOU ARE POWERFUL, BE GRATEFUL, & SHOW OTHERS HOW MUCH YOU APPRECIATE THEM”.

And that’s it. That’s the end of this segment. Peace out.

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