WB SOC Series #010: Google Algorithm, Transmutation into Gold, & Social Dynamics

Woo okay so to be honest with all of you, today I am so fricken sleepy and I haven’t written an article but I don’t want to lose my nonstop streak of releasing an article every day so I’m gonna write a bunch of stuff here that might make sense and it might not make sense. Either way it doesn’t matter. I’m just trying to fill up the pages so it reaches 750+ words so the Google algorithm works towards my favor and bring me more visitors to my blog which will build up the brand further. I know that there is a lot of valuable content here so even if this one article doesn’t provide value, I know there are another 100+ articles on the blog that will make up for this one. Either way though, it seems that whatever I write from my stream of consciousness does have some level of value.

I feel as if I am someone who transmutes everything into gold. Everything I touch turns into gold. Every bad thing or person I come into contact with will stick me with me and become eternally blessed or will leave with a valuable priceless lesson. It’s a win-win in either case. Anyway, I’m so excited lately because so many things are going on but it’s nothing I can’t handle because I’ve been training myself for the last 5 years for this. I’m designing an offer for Holistic Life Design and was able to team up with a high-end videographer as well who shoots Extreme 4K videos higher quality than Netflix. I’m about to create one of the most valuable programs for Holistic Life Design and completely transform a person’s life when they become our client.

I’m not hungry for the money but rather hungry for the transformation of a person and upgrading them into a better version which will bring them holistic fulfillment. As humans, we tend to only value what is expensive / high ticket otherwise we don’t even put the effort and commitment to do it. It’s skin in the game. Anyway, I’m so excited for sure because I’m already doing my best and seeing so many results and the things I’ve been doing are going to take me to the next level as well which will motivate me even further. I’m actually just lying down on my bed as I write this which is slightly uncomfortable but it is something I have to do because I’m trying to knock out right after I write this.

The biggest thing on my mind today is social dynamics and interacting with other people. I feel like it is so important to be a good communicator otherwise you might push valuable people away by accident who could’ve served a great role for you and improved your life on some level. Of course I’m not talking about me because I feel like I have a decent level of social dynamics which is why I am able to stay in casual contact with influencers, celebrities, & other high value individuals that enhance my life to a certain extent. I am definitely grateful to God first and foremost for providing me the knowledge to do all of this. I couldn’t have done any of this all on my own.

Anyway, I feel super lazy right now. I could’ve written more but I am so tired and I am now going to get some good rest. Bye bye and take care. Mwah

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