WB SOC Series #009: Attracting High Value People, Conviction over Ability, & Pursuing your Passion

Wow a lot of amazing things have happened to me lately. I am so grateful to God first and foremost. I am still in complete awe of the sudden transformation and quantum shifts in my life. It is without a doubt one of my rewards for working so hard consistently for the last 5 years. I currently feel so much more confident in myself after working with a business coach which led me to other opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to attract without this newly found confidence. The biggest benefit to working with a expert business coach is that they can identify what you are most passionate about and what aligns with your soul and you can pursue directly that. It is a fulfilling process.

Because my coach had opened my eyes to new ways of seeing things, I was able to also attract other high value experts & influencers into my life to assist me on this journey of life design & personal growth. I’ve blessed to also be able to work with one of the top tier lyricist rappers of all time because of my new confidence and also leveraging the skills I’ve accumulated prior to having this confidence. My business coach made me realize that I was suffering more from a self-esteem & confidence / conviction issue more so than my lack of ability and so I now pursue my passion with full confidence knowing that things will work out in addition to the faith I already have.

My blog was also able to hit a whopping 120+ visitors in one day completely organically which is so impressive to me. I haven’t done any SEO or copywriting or anything like that and yet I was able to attract so many visitors to my blog. I’ve joined multiple high ticket programs and feeling very confident that they will pay off for my transformation & also lead me to create a sustainable fulfilling business that works for me. Because of my newly found confidence I was able to partner up with an expert nutritionist & psychologist with a PhD to collaborate on a $12k transformational coaching package for Holistic Life Design. It has definitely increased my own sense of value overall. My business coach / mentor also confirmed that this blog indeed has a lot of value and that I could utilize my gifts as a writer to impact people in a positive way.

I’ve joined a copywriting program as well and this will be good to improve on my communication skills with words & also become more persuasive in general. I use to have a subtle fear of getting on the phone but after getting on multiple Zoom video calls, I’ve become very comfortable with regular phone calls and making sales calls in general. Very grateful for that. Initially my social circle was pretty much nonexistent but all of a sudden, God put so many high value people into my life who could assist me in transforming into the next person of myself. I feel somewhat pampered by God because he is giving me way too much at once but I will slowly & gradually digest all of the things he has given me.

Working with my nutritionist also has helped me detoxify my body quite a bit and this is only the initial beginning phase of the program. I feel so much lighter and better emotionally and more confident overall. It seems that confidence and the gut are intrinsically linked together. I will be discussing more on that later on in my future articles. For now, I will be taking all this new high value information and see how I can use it to propel myself to the next level and serve God’s plan further. This blog has been viewed globally all over the world and I am excited to be able to share more valuable content with you all. The WB SOC series is also a great creation for me because sometimes I have no ideas / topics specifically to write about for the blog and this allows the stream of consciousness to flow without any pressure at all.

One thought on “WB SOC Series #009: Attracting High Value People, Conviction over Ability, & Pursuing your Passion

  1. There is many more to come dear. Just make you digestive system strong to digest them😉

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