Being Guilt-Tripped by Mind Virus Demons

We should never have to feel guilty for working hard on ourselves. Don’t let anyone make you feel that way. 

They are projecting their insecurities, traumas, & limiting beliefs on to you for trying to live an amazing fantastic, fulling, successful & godly holistic life. 

If they have problems with you for that, then even if God himself came down to have a conversation with them, they would have problems even with the perfect Most High God which in conclusion means that they are the problem. 

If our lives which are lives that are chipping towards perfection on a constant basis are a problem for them, it is their problem and not ours. 

Compassion is not necessary in cases like these.

Righteousness is the way to go because being overly compassionate allows unordained weakness, mediocrity, & stagnation to prosper. 

It is their choice to remain in stagnation which is death. 

I’ve already died and rebirthed into one body with Christ. 

I no longer stagnate like the rest of them. 

I am ambitious, hardworking, & willing to do whatever it takes use myself to the best of my talents + abilities to fulfill God’s plan. 

That is what God wants. 

Not stagnation. Not laziness. Not inactivity. 

I will use compassion when compassion is required. 

Compassion is not for ALL situations. 

There are times in which the Christ within wants us to exercise our righteousness & power.

Remaining only in the Love & Compassion modalities allow disorder, weakness, & chaos to spread like a virus which is completely against the kingdom of Heaven. 

I denounce these wicked belief systems, mind viruses, & demons that haunt the innocent weak individuals surrounding me. 

I call upon the highest tier of Angels especially in Michael’s quarters to come and eradicate these negative entities & false deceiving spirits to oblivion and burn 10,000x hotter than the fire of hell. 

I denounce all negative frequencies that do not belong to me or the individuals I am referring to in this segment. 

I call upon the Holy Spirit to restore us fully & completely + remove all spiritual blockages that hinder us from fulfilling the plan of the heavenly Father. 

I pray all this in the name of Jesus.

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