The Value of your Time, High Ticket Investments, & Upcoming HLD Offer

If everyone really knew how valuable their time is, they wouldn’t have put in so much effort to just save a couple of dollars had they simply invested in themselves & their vision and leveraged the insane ROI that comes from it, resulting in more available time because you acquire years of knowledge & wisdom from the experts who struggled & persevered so you don’t have to undergo the same process of trial and error. 

I definitely gotta give credit to Tai Lopez, the guy who was literally everywhere with his Lamborghini and bookshelves in the garage videos on YouTube, Google, & Facebook. His massive marketing campaigns were legitimately top-tier as well. 

It’s because of him that I was able to grow at such exponential rates and attracted so many mentors and achieved what most people would call as “success” but in my own standards I’m no where near the vision I’ve laid out for myself. I was able to get here because I invested in one of his $67 dollar courses which is almost equivalent to the same price as a PS4 video game.

Ultimately, I give credit to God because he arranges things on a quantum and spiritual level in the background in which you can’t even see which led me through multiple phases to get to where I am now through molding & preparation. 

I’m not sure why but lately, I’ve been heavily investing into high ticket transformational programs and they give so much value and I believe it is due to the valuation from our perception. The huge investment generates incredible results because we will value the teachings way more than we would a $10 Udemy course lol. 

Implementation is key and high ticket makes it more likely for us to take action because we would never want to waste a huge chunk of money that we’ve worked very hard for. 

Now even as I continue to grow at exponential accelerating rates, I keep a humble attitude because that is a vital ingredient for improvement. Arrogance is poison for the soul and will lead us to stagnation & death on a metaphysical level. 

I’ve definitely invested over $10,000+ into myself and so I’ve decided I will work on creating a $10k coaching program offer for Holistic Life Design. Some people will say it is far fetched for me to charge so much or that I’m crazy, but I truly & genuinely feel that my current value is worth at much at the moment even though I’m charging so much for the very first time. 

I’ve been incognito this whole time and just because I haven’t dived into the marketing or branding elements of it doesn’t mean that I don’t possess this amount of value. I can say with conviction at this very moment that spending a whole day with me in person is worth at least $25k+ and that’s not from self-delusion or narcissism. It can be backed with pure facts.

At this point, it’s simply designing the whole system from beginning to finish & organizing all of the knowledge + expertise I’ve accumulated in the last 5 years thus far including all of the trials & tribulations I’ve faced given to me by God. 

Through high ticket transformation coaching, clients will appreciate & value the knowledge and it will be doing them a huge service / favor for their overall holistic evolution. 

Very excited to launching this soon in the next couple of months.

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