Immunity to Judgement

We are immune to judgement when we are constantly evolving. 

Here’s why. 

If you were judged previously for a certain thing you did or how you behaved, evolving & upgrading yourself changes who you are. 

Thus, the version of you that was previously judged no longer exists in reality but only in peoples’ perceptions. 

And while they are judging that version of you, it does not affect your present self because you are no longer that person. 

Whatever energy, hate, jealousy, or any other bad things they are directing towards you have no effect in the Quantum & spiritual world because they are directing it at someone that no longer exists in the present. 

Staying stagnant in the present moment will make you susceptible.

This is why knowledge acquisition & constant improvement through the philosophy of kaizen is so amazing & powerful. 

All past versions of myself no longer exist. 

They no longer exist in reality because I am a whole new person now. 

I’m quite happy I’ve stumbled upon this revelation recently. 

How can one constantly upgrade himself / herself?

Constant personal development, spiritual growth, & humility to be coached by mentors & experts on a daily basis. 

For me it is reading the Bible, taking a high end course, & getting coached by highly skilled individuals, & also taking in new knowledge from books & videos online. 

Doing these things absolutely shifts your vibrational frequency and so the new version of you is constantly changing and evolving. 

For those who understand God’s plan, it is only upward improvement for all and backward stagnation is only an illusion. 

Understanding the contents of this one post is a huge game changer for life because you can operate with zero pressure from society & other people.

You gain full control of your manifestation process without distraction & energy leaks. 

This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned just this week after investing over $10,000 into myself this month. 

I’m not a multi-millionaire right now but my internal state feels like one. 

And so with this new identity, attracting new opportunities is quite effortless and catalyzed. 

Today, I’m already a new version and all people I come into contact with will have to re-know me every single day. 

With that, I conclude this segment.

God bless you all and have an excellent week.

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