Not The Typical Christian

As a Christian myself, I’m not too fond of a lot of individuals in my Christian community because a lot of them are closed minded and stuck in lower vibrational frequencies. But instead of seeing Christians, pastors, or even church founders as the standard, I look to God as the prime role model which makes my faith completely different from most people who are in stuck in religious control. 

I’m particularly not fond of them because they lack love & compassion and are overly focused on righteousness which I no longer seek from humanity but from God the Most High because only His love is perfect and pure. As I’m charged up with this love, I can offer the same to humanity and let God work through my vessel. 

As a part of His grace, I’ve stumbled upon many secrets and things hidden to the public eye and the Holy Spirit is always with me at all times so long as I maintain my prayer practice which is very neglected for most Christians and this is why many of them lack a spiritual foundation and get knocked down by Satanic influences quite easily. 

My role is not only to target Christians but the entire world by building & connecting this bridge from heaven to earth and imparting the wisdom, knowledge, & secrets of the Bible on a practical & transformational level. Not just talking about it without pragmatic application. 

I feel deeply in my heart that I’ve been chosen by God and I am responsible to play a vital role in the world by upgrading myself on a constant basis as a part of His plan to bring about the necessary changes to fulfill the heavenly Kingdom.

I’m open minded to all types of people whether they are buddhists, spiritualists, satanists, warlocks, luciferians, gnostics, taoists, pagans etc. None of these things bother me at all because they are where they are because of a certain vibrational frequency they are on. 

If could give myself an actual classification, it would be that I’m a spiritual & practical gnostic Christian which makes me extremely different from most Christians. 

Thus I’m actually grounded and my head is not up in the clouds like the most of them. 

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