WB SOC Series #008: Human Flaw, Two-Cup Method, & Spiritual Fluctuation

Writing this WB SOC Series is actually quite enjoyable especially since I’ve gotten my new Gold MacBook Air 2020. The keyboard feels very nice and writing articles with it seems very effortless and easy. I have slight concern about what topics to discuss nowadays since the world is a bit chaotic and in shambles but it seems that whatever the stream of consciousness provides will be valuable for most of the time. Today I will share with you all of the things I find valuable for me currently. It can be subjective but the techniques or principles I share may benefit you in certain areas you find lacking at the moment. I will also simply share my current journey with you all and what I’ve been up to as well. I don’t feel at my best all the time as that is an impossible standard to maintain but I do feel quite good MOST of the time about 90%.

I now also own a Nikon Z50 camera which opens a gateway potential for me to shoot vlogs and video courses for all of you. Today to be honest, I don’t have much to talk about but whatever comes is what God will allow. As I mentioned previously, not all of these WB SOC articles will be valuable but I will do my best to provide for you. Value is definitely not correlated to a plethora of text but the more I do write, the more likely I am able to share something valuable with you all. I was also planning to write this WB SOC article and release it on Facebook but I will probably not do so because some articles are not compatible with what I am trying to promote on my social media.

The reason being is that my social media is more focused on metaphysical topics which I do share but on this blog, I don’t share that entirely and I also focus on success psychology as well. The social media is focused primarily on those two topics I just mentioned. The most valuable thing I’ve realized and learned these last few weeks is the importance of prayers and how it boosts our spiritual essence and connection to the Most High which lets us to tap into the maximum potential and be safe from spiritual fluctuation. Spiritual fluctuation is when we are experiencing fear, doubt, anxiety or any other form of negative emotion while we are working towards the things we want in our daily lives. To prevent spiritual fluctuation, a good prayer practice + meditation is essential to maintain that high vibrating frequency.

Another lesson I’ve learned recently is to try as many things as possible to gain experience and upgrade your value in the marketplace. I’ve recently joined an MLM despite many people speaking badly about this type of business model and talking about how bad a pyramid scheme is but what I’ve joined is quite different because of the high quality products they provide which is what they are focused on primarily and the business opportunity is actually just a bonus in addition to that. I am particularly drawn to it because there is a lot of training involved which can upgrade me to the next level and also grant me further necessary knowledge to obtain what I desire out of life. All in all, it is good to gain experience and knowledge from all avenues as long as we are not putting ourselves in danger or extreme financial risk.

Seems like today my writing is a bit slow compared to my usual days. I’m not surprised because I didn’t sleep so well because of the whole July 4 fireworks at night blasting and keeping me up. Was a little irked about that but it’s just a one day holiday so it’s whatever to me. I have added a lot of influencers to my social media and I still sort of fall into trap of caring too much about what others think sometimes mainly because they ARE influencers, but I do know that the opinion that truly matters is my opinion and God’s opinion. Most other opinions are secondary unless they are your doctor or counselor. Some people on social media do emanate this feeling that you are being judged whenever you post something. Its okay. That happens. I just focus on doing my best and serving others to the best of my ability and it no longer is about me at that point.

I do feel slightly guilty sometimes for not being able to provide maximum value with my articles because I’m not in the best state but I have remind myself that I am only human and I am not perfect and that it is okay to not perform at my best all the time. I think we should all gives ourselves that kind of pass to relieve such pressure off of our shoulders. I do feel a high sense of relief every time I publish a new article and that is one big benefit to having this blog. One aspect is the creative cathartic expression and the other is the ability and opportunity to help people globally with my current knowledge. I am happy that I am having visitors daily to this blog and people from all over the world. I have not done any promotion or marketing and yet visitors keep coming consistently. Thank you, I am very grateful for that.

The last thing I would like to leave everyone with is the process of Quantum Jumping. It is a good technique and a fast way to incorporate Quantum Jumping is using the Two Cup method. It is a technique especially designed for manifestation according to the Law of Attraction which does not conflict with the Bible. I recommend it highly because it has shifted my life in such a positive direction and eradicated all the past limitations that restricted me from pursuing my greater future. I will not be explaining the process here because I am not able to do so with my words currently and so I will simply recommend the Two Cup method and you can view the technique thoroughly using YouTube or Google.

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