WB SOC Series #007: Gratitude to God, Momentum, & Being the Boss

A continuation of the WB SOC Series. It’s Kev here checking in again. Recently a lot of amazing things have happened. I’m not sure what I did differently but I’ve attracted so many fantastic people into my social circle quite quickly this entire week. I’ve closed a writing deal with an 8-figure entrepreneur influencer which has definitely validated my value and confidence in the marketplace. I have indeed written over 90+ articles on this blog, some outsourced but still I’ve done most of the heavy lifting myself. I now have 3 writers that I’ve enlisted who work for Holistic Life Design now and some articles will be written by them time to time. The last 2 articles were written by a good friend of mine who is also a great writer as well.

I’m so grateful to God for everything he has given me. I know not all of you are believers in the Most High on this platform, but regardless of your belief, I know that a majority of you understand there is a higher power at work on this planet. This blog I’ve created is definitely a gift from God because I would not have been able to do any of this myself. I’m so happy even if I’m not making money from this website because it is a powerful platform for me to express myself and also share knowledge while giving others also the opportunity to share their experience too. I’m still in the process of implementing a forum which will be quite valuable when we develop a larger following.

A lot of traffic has been organic and I don’t even do any SEO on this site. My only focus is pumping out content every single day nonstop and letting God do the SEO. Haha. It actually has been a while since I pumped out an article. Most of these articles in these last few days were outsourced but I don’t feel any guilty feelings about it because I’ve given others an opportunity to share their voice and also share their experience and knowledge which might benefit the world in an impactful way. I shouldn’t be so selfish as to hog the entire spotlight and make this entire blog about me. That isn’t the intention at all. The intention is to create an open-source educational platform that promotes holistic success & wellbeing no matter where you are in the world right now.

I’ve been investing my hard earned cash into a lot of high ticket programs which allow me to take myself to the next level of transformation. For some strange reason, only high ticket programs generate me massive results, perhaps due to the valuation aspect and appreciation of a highly priced product or service. If I got the same knowledge for free, I wouldn’t have valued it and put it to the side leaving no room for growth / transformation. Overall, my confidence has skyrocketed because God has given me a sign that I am doing things right and that working on this blog is the right direction to go towards and is my official calling to pursue.

I’m glad I’ve found an official mentor and a network of several guides & close friends who assist me greatly in my journey. One day perhaps when this blog achieves much success, I can look back to these articles to remind myself where I came from and be humbled by the whole experience. I will be grateful to God as always and I feel like I am on my path no matter what happens. It is true that nothing is ever a mistake and everything that happens serves God’s greater plan for our future. Every suffering and problem we face is the catalyst to our tremendous growth and empowerment. I still can’t believe the things I’ve manifested lately because of my faith and also because of my understanding of metaphysics. Perhaps it is the combination of both which yields such a result.

A lot of people tell me how talented & gifted I am as a writer. But I simply don’t believe it myself. A lot of subconscious worries & limiting beliefs tell me that I am not as great as I believe myself to be. But outside evidence always says otherwise so my internal state is usually quite confused by the feedback. Internally, I feel I do not deserve the things I currently have, but the outside manifestations are absolutely completely proving me wrong and even so, I still believe the same limiting thoughts and ideas about myself. Perhaps I am eternally blessed with the gift of lower confidence which pushes me to strive towards growth and evolution on a constant basis embodying the philosophies of kaizen and Christian principles. My fantasy-like dream is to be as successful as John D. Rockefeller who is most financially rich and impactful Christian of all time in the history of the United States.

Nevertheless, the journey may prove to be difficult and I may never even reach such a point, but the pursuit of it will grant me such a fulfilling feeling and it is not the destination that will fulfill me. Once your ideal destination is reached, there is no further path to go towards which will result in utter depression and emptiness. Having distance between our dreams is a positive thing. It keeps the fire burning and the motivation to keep going no matter what. That is the gift of life that God has provided for all of us on this planet. I’ve achieved many things I’ve previously desired in the past and now it’s a new destination to set for myself to strive towards. If I stayed satisfied and didn’t set a new course / destination, I would be so empty and depressed. Fortunately, I’ve accumulated some wisdom from years of experience & knowledge from books, courses, & mentors which has led me to this current path I am on.

Also, I’m still quite smug about the fact that I’m literally the boss and founder of this entire website. Yeah man! I am the BOSS. Next time, instead of a long article, I can write 4 line poem and publish it if I wanted to and there’d be no problem because I set ALL the rules for this platform. How great is that? How powerful it is to have complete autonomy of everything on this website without a boss looking over your shoulder or judging how well you are doing. Zero assessment. You set your own standard. I’m glad I’ve deviated from traditional school. And so, as the boss of this website, I give myself an A+ for this article.


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