I’m My Own Worst Enemy

Nothing in the external world bothers me anymore. 

Only I bother me sometimes because of the false negative thoughts I send to myself about myself looping over and over creating false beliefs that open vibrational holes / cracks to negative entities not belonging to me. 

I am my own best friend and worst enemy. 

I am unstoppable but I can stop myself. 

Gotta be aware of the frequency I send out and also can’t fly too high or I will evoke jealousy. 

Can’t outshine the “master” in the physical who believes he’s my master.

No, I’m the master of my own reality. 

People can abandon me but God will never abandon me. 

I will stay at the top no matter what happens on the outside

I’m really angry not at anyone but myself because sometimes I give the external too much power and more than it deserves when it’s the power God had given me. 

I reclaim my power starting today. 

I denounce every single thing, person, or situation that I’ve put on a pedestal on this world.

I put God at the very top once again and everything outside will have to conform to my newly updated frame / paradigm. 

God is the only validation I need for everything.

Victimhood is a mental & emotional virus with a cure that’s already available but many refuse to take. 

If a man without arms and legs can live a fulfilling, happy life, then everybody can be happy regardless of any external situations. 

Negative or positive emotion is a choice you make not a condition attached to outside circumstances. 

I denounce every entity trying to trick me into devaluing myself, my self-empowerment, my faith, & my deep wisdom and understanding.

I will not allow disempowered individuals to disempower me.

Anything that is right for me will stay and anything that isn’t right for me will go away. 

I have love & compassion but I also have righteousness & power.

I exercise my righteousness & power right now.

Even if the most powerful man on the entire planet came to shake my hand, it wouldn’t phase me.

I’m an extension of the heavenly Father who is the most powerful being in the entire infinite universe & galaxy

I denounce all forms of hatred, evil, curses, & judgement against me in the past, present, & future yet to come. 

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. 

I rejoice with immense levels of confidence & power. 

I call upon the highest tier of Angels especially in Michael’s quarters to completely obliterate every single entity that is in the way of my goals & dreams and blessings designed for me by God the Most High.

I call upon the Holy Spirit to completely block all frequencies of Satan and his demonic forces that try to invade anything of me or is connected to me in soul & spirit. 

I call on the fire of the Spirit to send back all malicious attacks to the original sender. 

I am now whole and complete with the armor of God and His unwavering peace & joy. 

I pray all of this in the name of Jesus Christ.

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