Reverse-Engineering the Success

I think whatever we feel is missing from our life, just reverse-engineer the heck out of it and we can get it eventually

Take the end result and move backwards all the way to your present moment.

Right now I feel like I lack business knowledge & motivation philosophy so I’ll just take the top guys and reverse engineer all of the good and effective things they’ve done and add it to my arsenal 

The biggest mistake is giving away all your power and dependence on someone else or something else whether that’s an institution or a person. 

The best thing we can do is cultivate that self sufficiency and put faith in God, and find some guides or friends compatible with the system we’ve built for ourselves and keep upgrading until we reach that end goal.

I’ve been feeling really strange these last few days like some invisible force is going against me but that’s okay, I’ll get stronger and smash whatever obstacle is in my way because that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 5 years. 

This is a catharsis for me. Since everyone on earth is only human, we are bound to make mistakes. We are not perfect and so the focus should be on unlimited forgiveness, love, compassion, & growth. 

If everyone could embody that philosophy, then we would have world peace. 

Another lesson I’ve learned is that trust is a valuable asset that can easily be lost from an honest mistake. 

When a certain path is being blocked, it might possibly be God trying to keep me safe and preparing a better and more beneficial opportunity that is suitable for me. 

Recently, I felt a little betrayed not by anyone in particular but perhaps by myself for not believing in me more and trying to find fulfillment from an external source which is the trap of society

I’m grateful though as someone without many friends, I have access to expert individuals and influencers of some level in my current social circle. 

It goes to show that when you keep upgrading yourself, you will attract the right things and people to you as Jim Rohn would say

As my journey towards holistic success and fulfillment becomes more apparent, I still give all credit to God which keeps my character humble because I’m only borrowing all of His good and powerful entities. I’m a temporary ambassador / steward until I pass and go to heaven.

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