The 9 Holistic Priorities

This morning I’ve written down a full list of the current holistic priorities designed in my personal order of importance. I find that this order is quite universal although depending on your personality you can change the order to suit your current needs. These are the 9 priorities / values of holistic living and is a part of the innovations of the previous holistic life design system.

God the Most High (Level 9 priority – Highest Level)

Power / Influence (Level 8 priority)

Knowledge & Wisdom (Level 7 priority)

Community, Family, & Mastermind (Level 6 priority)

Money & Business (Level 5 priority)

Social Circle (Level 4 priority)

Love (Level 3 priority)

Health & Physical Fitness (Level 2 priority)

Hobbies, Fun, & Recreation (Level 1 priority – Lowest Level)

There are two ways to go about this. One method is to focus from the top to the very bottom in terms of priority. People who are more focused towards the worldly nature can start from the bottom first and then work their way to the top.

What I’ve done is reverse-engineered the entire process and I go directly to the source of All Good Things who is God the Most High. By focusing on the very top first and making sure that everything you do is to serve God’s plan, you will notice that naturally all the things under that will be given to you.

Although just because certain things are below another does not mean those things are less important but these are the 9 most important priorities to embody while you are on this earth which will lead to a happy and holistic life. I will also explain why it is important to have all 9 of these aspects.

These aspects go beyond just the 13 areas of life although you can make certain connections to them because this is the universal blueprint for empowerment and alignment with God’s plan while making sure a level of pragmatism is also in place. Most religious individuals lack the pragmatic aspect of their faith and they neglect many other aspects of their life which creates massive imbalance and does not set a good example for others.

Having these 9 holistic priorities will guarantee that your path will be aligned while also creating that stability and strong foundational empowerment to keep progressing towards the goals that God has ordained for us. A lot of people on the world can have many of these aspects fulfilled but also be lacking in other aspects like not having any focus on God which is an essential foundation.

Back in 2017, I was an adept in knowledge & wisdom and also a bit of power / influence but I lacked a belief / faith in God which led to arrogance. Arrogance is a result of believing that there is no one greater than yourself and is also an aspect of narcissism which can result from someone accumulating too much knowledge & power and taking full credit for it. I will now explain the 9 priorities from the very bottom to the top.

The lowest priority level 1 in life is engagement in your hobbies, fun & recreation. Even though it is the lowest priority, it is indeed still a priority for being able to make it on the list itself. The importance of engaging in your hobbies, fun & recreation is so that we can feel fulfillment from the activities and actions we do which bring us joy. A lot of people neglect this aspect because they find that the only thing that matters is another area such as business or giving too much attention to their girlfriend / boyfriend and this is a mistake because this is a vital aspect of holistic well-being / fulfillment.

The level 2 priority in life is your health & physical fitness. This includes mental, emotional, & physical health when I say ‘health’. Physical fitness is working out your body and training it to become more strong which will result in better holistic fortitude in terms of taking care of the temple. Physical health includes eating the right foods for your body and making sure you maintain a healthy weight. Emotional health is taking care of how you feel overall and making sure that you aren’t stressed out or overwhelmed in anything. Mental health is taking care of your mind and adapting your gifts of personality to suit your overall aims in life.

The level 3 priority in life is the love aspect of your life which includes all of your relationships and finding the right romantic partner who is compatible with your personality. The reason having a partner is so important and is a level priority is so that it magnetizes your purpose. Having the right partner will energize you holistically if he / she is the “right” one. It is so important to find the partner who supports your vision, goals, ambitions, and faith as well.

The level 4 priority in life is building up your social circle. This includes all of your friends and people you become close with overall aside from your romantic relationship. These people can serve as moral support and also people to hang out with to casually relax or just have fun in general. These people also include potential of being your business partner or even mentor / guide. They can be people who you can discuss ideas casually with without feeling the need to prop yourself up or be someone that you’re not. It is about building genuine friendships & connections and also building a large network to build to the later stages of power & influence.

The level 5 priority in life is money & business. This is extremely important because in modern physical world of capitalism especially in the United States, you cannot survive without money. Money is a powerful tool that can bring about a holistic life when you use it the correct way. Building your wealth further will not only yield you more opportunities to grow holistically but also grant you an opportunity / gateway to help those in need. This is why money is actually NOT the root of all evil but rather it is a powerful tool that can be used for good. Building businesses is important for the individual because it is how you generate positive revenue / income without slaving away with your time working for another.

The level 6 priority in life is community, family, & mastermind. Community can be anything such as your church group, a recreational club for activities you enjoy, bible study group, Facebook business group, and anything of a similar sort. Your family are those who you live with or spend the most time with and these can be people who use to be a part of your social circle but have become extremely close to you. So you don’t necessarily have to have blood relations with your “family” members. Lastly, mastermind is when you join a particular group designed specifically to advance yourself to the next levels of life. This could include mentorship groups, coaching groups & transformational groups and other groups of that nature. Mastermind can also simply be a one-on-one mentorship with someone who is ahead of you in business or any other area of your life.

The level 7 priority in life is knowledge & wisdom. This is a level 7 priority because an educated mind is one that cannot be enslaved. If you do not educate yourself and absorb knowledge & wisdom, you will be controlled by the elites of society or people who want you to eat up and fulfill their own personal agenda. Education is what allows you to cut all the shackles and empower yourself to set your own path and work towards aligning your path with God’s plan. Knowledge & wisdom is essential because they are the core ingredients to take effective actions and manifest massive results.

The level 8 priority in life is power / influence. When you become a person of value and empowerment, naturally you gain power / influence which is not limited to only famous people but people who are able to create massive change in another individual’s life. Such an example would be donating $1600 to a poor family in a third world country which would allow them to live a better life. This would be an example of power / influence but on a microcosmic scale.

The level 9 priority which is the highest universal priority of all is God the Most High. Placing God as your primary focus and priority will allow all the good things to flow to you naturally. It is alignment with that heavenly frequency that opens gateways to miraculous opportunities that you normally would deem as impossible. I place God as my top priority now in life and all the rest of those things on the priorities are naturally built up and given to me without me putting in extreme amounts of effort. It is that spiritual empowerment from God that leads to ultimate holistic empowerment & fulfillment in all areas.

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