Tribute to my Father

Today I’d like to take the time to thank my heavenly Father God the Most High. He has placed so many wonderful people into my life and also saved me from the depths of hell. I thank him for everything good that is present or occurred in my life. I know that all the knowledge and wisdom I possess come from Him and his grace. I probably would not be where I am now without his guidance even before I believed in Him. Instead of a testimony this is a tribute to all the wonderful things he has done for my life. He was the one who led me to manifest the desire to read books and seek knowledge to improve my life and well-being. It was initially due to the suffering and feeling inadequacy that led me to seek personal growth and fulfillment and through that journey of constant improvement, I have come to know God.

I wouldn’t say that all my challenges and tribulations are completely gone now because my Fatih in God but rather I now have the power to face anything because I know he is with me. Because of his spiritual empowerment imbued upon me, I am now able to operate with the sense of feeling supported by the most powerful being in the whole universe. He has given me the gift of intellect, intuition, & also the spirit of love, compassion, & peace. He has also altered my mindset towards money and eradicated a majority of my previous selfish tendencies to accumulate wealth for personal gain. I now see money as a powerful tool not just to help myself but also to serve and empower others. I thank him for this new perspective.

I also thank my heavenly Father for allowing me to seek validation from Him rather than to seek validation from people because humans are flawed and our love is finite compared to God’s love. I now feel a sense of fulfillment and overflow of that love no matter where I go and no matter what situation I face. I also am grateful to Him because he has taken away all my guilt that I imposed on myself and also have taken away all of my inadequacies and put me in one of the highest spiritual positions without needing to purchase it nor work for it but through grace alone. I am grateful to him because through his perception, the world is quite perfect and fair and it is only through our human perspective in which we see flaws & imperfection. I look forward to what God has in store for my journey to progress.

Secondly, I want to thank my earthly father for being a part of my life. I am grateful because a lot of people out there don’t even have their father in their lives. He is always doing his best even though we can miscommunicate sometimes but the good intentions are always there and for that I am very grateful. He has helped take care of me especially during my dark times of recovery from spiritual attack and our love has grown much stronger together. He is a talented and person full of skills and I have inherited a lot of these skills from him. He especially has demonstrated his gifts and talents during the Coronavirus quarantine of being at home by cooking a lot of wonderful things for me and my mother such as baking cake & bread, and making homemade noodles and other tasty food I am able to enjoy because he is so smart and able to learn from the internet.

My dad is a loving person even when he does not externally show it because I can see through actions especially when he assists technologically with the church and Christian community. He displays his strong fortitude and ability to help others especially when he is doing the work of God the Most High. I am so impressed with him these last few years and he has also inspired me to work harder for our wonderful God as well. He has become a much better person which is a good example that shows that all people can change in a positive way no matter where they currently are in life. God has softened his heart and made him into a more generous person as well.

He also demonstrates his finesse in business by making good decisions when he discusses anything with his business partner. He is able to come up with a solution for almost any problem that arises and I am very impressed with this ability that he possesses. My dad is a very diligent hard worker who gets things done but also knows how to enjoy himself and relax through his hobbies of enjoying coffee, wine, and cooking food. He is a man of good taste & lifestyle and he knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. He also scolds me sometimes about certain things or habits that I do but I know deep inside that it is out of the goodness and kindness of his heart to want the best for me even though I may not appreciate those messages in the very moment.

I want to be more like my dad when it comes to running a business because he is his own boss and running an online business takes a lot of skill, experience, and intellect. I am happy that he let me create his new online website for Ecommerce because it made me feel that I can add value to his business with my skills that I’ve accumulated which makes me feel appreciated as well. It is my dad’s overall good example that I am able to walk a good path myself because if I didn’t have a dad or if my dad was up to no good, then I would probably be in a path that isn’t suitable or good for me. I love my dad a lot because he is doing his best and I am forever his son no matter what.

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