WB SOC Series #006: Evolving Beyond Perceptions, Natural Attraction, & Pragmatism

I’d like to experiment a little bit and post some images in addition to writing out some of my thoughts.

I was scrolling through Facebook and this is one of the key images to stood out to me.

This stuck out to me because I was facing this problem quite heavily in my holistic life design journey. As a holistic life design practitioner, embodying these principles has led me to drastic improvement and change in my life and creating upgraded and different versions of myself quite quickly. This led to most of my friends that I’ve made not used to it and would try to downplay my new growth which has led me to avoid making new friends from this point forward until I’ve hit my first plateau.

I agree with the quote in this image because I shouldn’t have to cater to someone else’s perceptions of me just because they met me about 6 months ago and saw me a certain way and then after that time, I’ve become a completely different person due to my keen intellect, hardwork, & willpower for extreme breakthroughs. I will evolve as I please and let things, situations, & people naturally attract to me according to God’s plan and things will go the way they should.

I’d like to also mention that all this turmoil in the world especially in the United States would be resolved if everyone took the same philosophy as Booker T. Washington and engaged in pragmatism. This would create a very advanced society with all needs fulfilled and perhaps even create high level achievements regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or social class. Aside from that today I don’t feel so well so I won’t be writing as much in this article as much as my other ones.

Here’s also a random photo of a guy wearing a style that I like:

I just want to play some more PS4 games right now and relax. this new game called LAST OF US PART 2 came out just 2 days ago and I’ve been enjoying it after I finished the first game. I created this article as fast as I could so that I don’t break my non-stop streak and it is also the WB SOC series which can contain whatever content I wish to put inside it.

Official articles will be released again soon maybe in about a month. For the next couple weeks, the blog will be continuing the WB SOC series for a while until I can normally resume my creative process and also pre-plan the topics I’d like to write about.

Thank you and have a wonderful week.

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