WB SOC Series #005: Clarification, Universal Connection, & My Personal Focus

Honestly, it seems like the WB SOC Series has been doing way better than I even expected. Some of the content was even better than the actual official content which has me a bit surprised. I will keep writing this series but perhaps I have set the standard way too high for what to expect with the initial releases of the series. I wish to let everyone know that not all of them will achieve such a high value contribution. Some of these articles in the series will be a mixture of journal entry, announcements, brief general overviews, unconnected thoughts and ideas, and sometimes meaningless digressions. With that said, today will be more of a journal-like entry and a bit of announcement rather than the typical articles from the WB SOC Series. Of course this is actually what the WB SOC Series means. That it is not limited to certain parameters, has flexibility, and anything goes as I’ve mentioned previously.

I do appreciate all of the emails you guys have been sending me and also those who have been using the contact page to send direct inquiries are much appreciated as well. When I receive a holistic life design inquiry, I feel so happy because I am given an opportunity to answer your questions and also feel that sense of connection. I’ve previously mentioned that I am working on this website and other Ecommerce websites every single day and so it is a honor to be able to see feedback and results from them. My minimalistic goal for holistic life design is simply to help at least 10 people globally around the world and ever since I’ve stopped promoting the blog, there still has been a consistent 10-14 visitors a day which is quite awesome because all of it is organic from search engines like Google.

I believe this blog will be quite a power engine education system in the future when I organize my ideas even further because right now, that is exactly what is missing in order to catalyze the growth and effectiveness of the platform. As powerful as personalized professionalism is, there lies other ingredients to present ideas even better and that is through video format, public speaking, personal relationship building, and much more. I have received an email just recently from someone who suggested that I use text-to-video software to build a bigger audience using YouTube and I believe that is such a great idea. Thank you for suggesting that idea to me. This blog is indeed a mixture of my hobby, passion, & potential business which is such a nice combination because I feel so much freedom to fully express myself.

By having this platform available, my knowledge that I’ve accumulated can be shared with others both nonprofessionals and professionals, and I can also feel empowered knowing that my casual writing can be used in a fulfilling and impactful way in the entire world. It is also the leveraging of the internet and I believe not everyone can do this because one must indeed have something to talk about in order to consistently release articles each day and that includes all filler content as well. It seems that the process for me was built gradually through an accumulation of various skills and I might explore discussing my steps that I’ve taken to create this entire holistic life design platform for others to learn and connect.

I think the biggest difference between the WB SOC series and my journal website is that this series focuses on Holistic Life Design specifically and all of my ideas revolving that and the other site focuses solely on my personal life and thoughts. There are similarities in both except this series does dive into insightful life-changing concepts that provide quite an immense amount of value usually by accident. Most of all, I believe God had called upon me to create this website so that I can leverage all of my skills, abilities, and talents simultaneously. My only concern for the articles of the blog especially the WB SOC Series is obtaining a higher level of organization of my content so that it can be presented even better.

I only focus on completing 3 things currently every day. This holistic life design blog website, my Ecommerce websites, & enjoying myself with some PS4 after I’ve finished all my work. It seems that even as a holistic life design practitioner, I am neglecting some aspects of my life but on purpose because I’d like to focus on my business and also cultivating good mental health & happiness all at the same time. The only thing is that I am neglecting the social aspect mostly because I feel I don’t need it because I have this blog as a valuable asset to express my ideas globally which emits that sense of connection without me having to actively socialize with someone. Another thing in addition to that is I focus on cultivating a deeper connection with God and by doing this, I feel fulfilled holistically even though I am not actively making a lot of friends or building my social circle.

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