WB SOC Series #004: Divine Compensation, Heaven on Earth, & Hard Work

Another fine day full of peace & contentment or chaos & terror depending on the vibrational frequency you are in now. I want to honestly say that writing articles for 88 days straight has been such an uplifting process and writing this current article is motivated by my desire to never break my nonstop streak and also have something to talk about each day. The WB SOC series is quite relaxing and easy to create because of the parameters I’ve set for it is “anything goes”. I believe the only difference between a WB SOC Series and a journal entry is the intention behind it. The intention of a journal entry is simply to be used as a catharsis and expression of inner thoughts while the intention of the WB SOC Series is to be used as a catharsis and way to give value in an effortless unforced way.

Today I’d like to talk about hard work. I believe everyone is rewarded for their hard work even if it isn’t shown externally. There is a process called divine compensation. I am no longer worried about working hard for free or wasting my effort or optimizing my ROI all the time because I know that God will always reward me in the same ratio for my efforts and hard work. It is a miraculous process to enjoy even if you don’t believe in the Most High, the law of divine compensation is at work. You will always gain back whatever you lose because the reality is not just spiritual but mathematical. Your input will always create the same or more output even if externally it doesn’t appear that way. Sometimes the output may simply be delayed or isn’t apparent outside at face value.

Entrepreneurship is a good example of this. An entrepreneur in the initial phase could be working on his business for a long time without generating profit. But as he accumulates more and more skills and experience, through a snowball effect, he will see sudden growth that appears to come out of nowhere but is actually due to his previous hard work and consistency. People who also seem to face “injustice” or “oppression” are also compensated for their sufferings. It may not appear in the moment but energy or vibrational frequency is always calculated to recompense what is lacking or missing due to divine compensation. Life is a constant cycle of gains and losses. Every loss will be replaced with a gain and every gain will also be replaced with a loss.

Previously I’ve discussed the art of winning over & over. I wrote this article talking about how you can increase your chances of always winning and never losing. However, never losing is actually an impossible task but by keeping a winning attitude even in a losing situation, you can still feel like a winner. Since God is always on our side, even if you lose, you will be compensated fairly perhaps with an extremely valuable life changing lesson or perhaps monetary gain or even the addition of meeting a great friend or partner. To be honest, everything I’ve faced in life has always led me to something greater. All the sufferings I’ve gone through have transformed into a better, stronger, & upgraded version of myself who is now able to face almost any adversity.

Suffering is an aspect of divine compensation because we are rewarded for all our sufferings even though that reward may not be now. By understanding divine compensation, you’ll no longer view any difficulties the same way because you’ll understand that everything that happens to you is to guide you further along your path and serves a purpose for a better future. With this new mindset, perspective, & higher frequency, you’ll see that you can live life as if it is actually heaven on earth. I am no longer afraid to lose anything in life because I have the mindset that I can only gain in this world. It is a unique mindset and perspective because it seems as though everything and everyone that comes into your life is a bonus. It has nothing to do with financial abundance nor having a lot of materialistic things but rather a spiritual uplifting of the soul that renders everything in your favor.

Divine compensation is also prevalent when I am capable of doing things I originally thought I was incapable of. It is a situation like writing this article for example because some of these things I talk about feel like they aren’t even coming from me but the Holy Spirit. It seems that everything that exists only to serve God’s Plan, regardless of what team or entity someone belongs to even if they claim to represent the evil side. Evil exists only because God allows it and if he wanted to he would eradicate everything evil with a whiff of his breath because that is how powerful he is. The reason evil exists still is because having the contrast to good highlights the good in life and also creates the need and desire to seek God for help. And so even in the midst of trouble or chaos or evil, God’s divine compensation is still at work and you can rest assured that everything is going according to plan even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment.

Some people will call this delusion or blind faith, but it is really that faith without seeing that brings miracles into manifestation which is one of the biggest secret ingredients to the metaphysical law of attraction that seems to elude everyone trying to make it work for them. The biggest thing humans should focus on is doing our best no matter what and seeking God because nothing is more fulfilling than the joy of God himself. Money, women, cars, anything in the physical plane cannot compare with the joy and power of God the Most High. Those external things are simply fleeting and can only cause sudden spikes in emotion in quite an ephemeral way.

I’ve once heard the story that the son of a billionaire who lives at a humble home, plays video games and gets driven to places occasionally by a driver. His lifestyle is nothing too fancy like we all would try to imagine and these things are quite attainable by the general population. I believe I could say I accurately say that I live a lifestyle more abundant and fulfilling than the son of a billionaire because I practice holistic life design & well-developed Christian with a deep connection to the Holy Spirit. Well you see, it is actually okay to make money as a person of faith. There’s nothing wrong with that and John D. Rockefeller who was worth $400 Billion as a Christian Entrepreneur is a great example. The most important thing is to make as much money as possible, save as much as possible, & donate as much as possible.

Anyway, I think that’s all I will write for today. Another finished product for one of the WB SOC Series articles. I hope you liked it. Official articles will be coming soon. I would like to remind everyone that the WB SOC Series articles are unofficial articles straight from my stream of consciousness with zero pre-planning so I hope you excuse me for the jumping from topic to topic sporadically. I look forward to writing more content for you guys to eat up and hopefully raise your consciousness and bring you closer to God as well. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week!

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