WB SOC Series #003: Meritocracy, Intangibles, & Entitlement

The WB SOC Series that I just started seems to be doing quite well. I was able to write on 2 topics I didn’t even know I have knowledge of. In the midst of me having a nocturnal sleep cycle, my brain seems to still be functioning quite well with extreme clarity. Today I expressed my beliefs & opinions on a Facebook group and got banned. How insane! It seems that my thinking, knowledge, & wisdom is unorthodox and unconventional. Before, I operated with the assumption that the majority of the world thought the same way as I do. But this is not the case at all which is very shocking & surprising. This seems to affirm that I am indeed not a part of the masses.

It also seems as if there is no social group or community that I can currently relate to currently. It’s as if each group is missing a certain philosophy or values that I possess which are very important to me. And so it is decided that I start my own community very soon. I am sure that I’ve built an audience currently on this blog but there is no way for members to discuss ideas and share knowledge. And so I will be launching a forum for this website so that all members following the blog can discuss whatever topic they would like in regards to Holistic Life Design. This forum will be launched quite soon. I cannot give you an exact date on when but just know that is soon.

I’d like to also take this time to thank you. Thank you for following my blog and reading my content. I really appreciate you as part of the holistic life design community. It shows that you are really special and know that the world is full of BS and this platform is not one of them. I’m extremely grateful because it makes me feel less alone in this journey and I feel a sense of connectedness even though I am not physically meeting with you. I sincerely appreciate you as a whole and you can feel free to add me on Facebook by clicking here or you can shoot me an email at kevin@holistic-life-design.com. I will be happy to respond to all of your questions and feedback.

With announcements & journal-esque content aside, I would like to talk about the intangibles of life & meritocracy. I’d like to voice that I deeply believe that the world is completely fair in ALL aspects and that God programmed everything to be exactly the way it is and with his perception, the world is perfect. This means that the world operates on a meritocratic way, meaning that if you deserve it, you’ll get it based on your character, ability, talent, & achievements. It is truth that no gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social class, or any other type of classification can limit us from manifesting what we desire out of life. I have to announce that anyone who uses these classifications to justify why they aren’t where they wish to be are operating from the infamous victim mentality & does not understand that this is a meritocratic world.

The first point I’d like to make is from a business standpoint. If a complete A to Z blueprint was laid out on how to create a profitable business, as an Asian myself (most people say we are privileged), and let’s hypothetically say there is a black lesbian gay disabled blind woman also starting her own business side by side with me all at the same time. We both follow steps 1-10 on creating this profitable business. It is safe to say that regardless of this person being a black, lesbian, gay, disabled, & blind woman, if she is able to perform the basic human tasks, will also generate the same results as me in my business. Therefore, this business does not care that she is any of these things as long as she is able to follow the same steps as me from step 1-10.

With that being said, I believe it is the same way with not just business but in every aspect of life holistically. In this world, it seems that the most “oppressed” person on the planet will try to demand the most privilege and entitlement from the world / the government. These people will preach how “unfair” the world is and why they aren’t experiencing the same things other people who are more “fortunate” are experiencing. I would like to point out that it is not only a meritocratic world, but also God’s world. If you are currently experiencing a situation you are not satisfied with, God put you in this situation for a reason most likely to alter your lens of perception to see value in it, improve your character, learn an amazing lesson, or all three. The purpose of all suffering is to lead to individual empowerment so that you can create a better life for yourself and for others as well. This is one of the key lessons most people are unwilling to learn because they are afraid of change & also they do not believe in God.

The biggest difference between the wealthy successful & the poor failures is that the wealthy successful are operating from the modality that they are completely responsible for the quality of their lives. The poor failures believe that they are victims and blame outside circumstances, people, & events for how awful their lives are. But still this does not mean that poor people cannot be successful. There are also people who are poor AND successful. How is this possible? It is because they are only financially poor, but spiritually rich. They are spiritually rich because they have faith in God and also take responsibility for the outcome of their lives instead of blaming it on the government or the rich white men. This is such a profound lesson to take in for the masses. Of course if you are still stuck in the matrix, you will not have been able to find this blog or you have happened to attract it to your reality because you have raised your vibrational frequency to a certain level. If so, I congratulate you.

I find that I am able to find a surplus amount of points to make for this topic and I believe this one article will not be able to cover everything. There will be a part 2 for this article and I will continue to expand on these high level maneuvering faculties that allow us to attract the best blessings into our lives.

Let us continue to grow together on this journey of Holistic Life Design.

To be continued…

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