WB SOC Series #002: Personalized Professionalism

I’d like to actually start diving deep into something called personalized professionalism. It’s when I can actually use my first person voice in a unique way while giving immense professional value to my audience. Of course, I won’t be able to fulfill this all time but it is indeed one of the top objectives of this blog. The reason is that I am in support of the combination of both personal and professional voice is because having one without the other makes it much less powerful, impactful, & attractive. Now I believe content should always be interesting no matter what the topic is. A lot of professors in college or teachers in high school lack this fundamental element. The ability to intrigue.

I believe it is so essential. Intrigue is a combination of personalized style, tone, & story telling. In addition to those factors there are also tiny things like word choice, and unconventional exquisite knowledge not found in the public space. I believe my voice is unique not because of my immense knowledge or skill, but rather my personality that serves as the gateway to transmit this knowledge. All my knowledge can be found online for free from anywhere. However the way it is presented is quite different which makes the absorption of that knowledge more difficult because it has no personalized professionalism aspect within it.

Not only do I make my content professional, I also personalize it in a way that makes it seem like I’m speaking directly to you. Some say this is first person voice but it is more than that. It is the embodiment of my true self and the real nature of who I am rather than the societal masquerade that is programmed into us in the very beginning of societal involvement. I somewhat pride myself on my ability to transmit information effortlessly and effectively because I’ve always felt that information if presented the right way can powerfully impact our lives in a transformative manner.

With personalized professionalism, you can utilize high level knowledge and give immense value while at the same time having a conversational personalized tone that makes the audience more warm to you. This is all a part of social dynamics. It is powerful to have personalized professionalism because it makes you stand out and also it creates respect and authority while also possessing the element of attraction, charm, & charisma. When respect & charisma are combined together, you become perceived as a powerful figure whether or not your information is of the highest quality or not. It is not the level of knowledge that determines if a person is an influencer, rather his intangible ability to attract people to absorb the information he / she shares.

This is why there are those individuals out there who have the highest level of knowledge but cannot influence anyone because they lack this personalized professionalism. When people who have immense knowledge lack the emotional & charisma aspect, they only focus on the professional aspect which becomes robotic & bland, leading to disinterest regardless of how great the information they have. The motto is that if someone doesn’t like you, they won’t listen to you no matter what. It doesn’t matter how factual or incredible your information is. The foundation of an effective lifestyle is founded upon the relationships we build with others, not the level of skill or knowledge we possess. And so, this is why humility is such an important aspect.

The big reason I am attracted to writing on this blog is that I can write with my own creative personalized voice while at the same time delivering immense high level knowledge. These two aspects are so attractive to me, the writer even, because I feel this autonomous energy surging through me and also feeling that feeling of being understood on a personal level. This cultivates that sense of human connection even though I am not actively meeting someone in person. The fact that someone out there globally can stumble upon my blog and content makes me incredibly happy because something I’ve created is able to be transmitted into the mind of another. This is how I see the value of creating a blog with personalized professionalism. This generates WARMTH & BALANCE. Businesses that operate merely on professionalism are too cold for my taste and I will probably not be doing business with those individuals.

If you incorporate personalized professionalism in your own life, you will be able to yield incredible results.

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