WB SOC Series #001: Introduction & My Top Influencers

Today will be #001 of the official writer’s block stream of consciousness series. These articles will be created directly from a bit stagnation in creativity. However, they may still potentially hold a lot of value. These articles will be spontaneous and will vary in quality depending on how they turn out on their own. When it comes to writer’s block, I received the advice that writing whatever the heck you want in the current moment is the best way to alleviate that. Sometimes we simply expect too much out of ourselves and that itself can hold back the creativity & inspirational flow. I believe that there will always be a topic to write about. It may be quite impossible to run out of topics to talk about because the world is so vast.

And so today is quite a normal regular day for me. I do want to avoid making these articles into a journal type entries because I have a whole separate website for that, so I will be discussing ideas from my perspective without diving too much into my personal life. I will eventually release the link for my private online journal if you are interested in that. I believe creating the writer’s block series will be quite good because there will be times in which I want to write in an unstructured, unlimited, & unhindered way for the free flowing of ideas. I do not want any conventional rules to hold me back from expressing my ideas and so this is how I will go about it.

I will write whatever the heck I want to and if it does turn into a journal-like entry, that’s okay as well. First and foremost, I’d like to address my concern that I might actually run out of ideas to talk about. I do have this concern because sometimes I fear that because I stop absorbing knowledge, I’ll run out of stuff to talk about which will ruin my nonstop article release streak. However, I think everything will turn out okay because I’ve created this official stream of consciousness series which alleviates the pressure of having to create valuable content in EVERY single article. I believe it is impossible to be perfect because I am human but I will aim for that high level perfection and try to get as close as I possibly can. I think whipping out these stream of consciousness series articles will be quite easy. Probably will take minutes, so you can call it filler content and you have the option to skip these whenever they show up.

By having an SoC series you’ll be more on the look out for the official content that contains immense value. The SoC series will be focused primarily on stream of consciousness writing which means “ANYTHING GOES”. You will find these articles will be in a range of completely useless to extremely valuable. These will vary quite randomly depending on what comes out of my stream of consciousness. I’ve written a stream of consciousness article previously but this will be the first official SoC series because I’ve decided to make it an actual thing as the boss & founder of this blog. Feels nice.

As a Holistic Life Designer, I will list out some of the top influencers that have impacted me in a positive manner in this current generation who I recommend that you follow as well. Next to their names I will also indicate what they specialize in.

Here is this list of individuals in no particular order of rank:

  • Stefan James (Life Mastery + Structure & Organization)
  • Jim Rohn (Life Philosophy & Success Mindset)
  • Tai Lopez (Immense Practical Knowledge & Business Philosophy + Techniques)
  • Quazi Johir (Practical Law of Attraction Mastery + Subconscious Alteration)
  • Greg O’ Gallagher (Physical Fitness Mastery & Exercise Techniques)
  • Shawn Stevenson (High Level Nutrition Knowledge, & Foundational Health)
  • Jordan Peterson (Practical Psychology Expert & Success-Oriented)
  • Candace Owens (Top Level Political Perspectives & Individual Empowerment)
  • Russell Brand (High level Spiritual Philosophy, Charisma, & Compassion-Building)
  • Sevan Bomar (Highest Level Metaphysics, Occult, & Spiritual Knowledge)
  • Graham Stephan (Expert Investing Knowledge & Building Long Term Wealth)
  • Billy Graham (Top level Christian Theology & Deep Level Faith in God)
  • Jason Capital (High Status Social Dynamics & High Ticket Business Techniques)
  • Donald Trump (Winner Mentality, Commitment to Action, & NO BS attitude)
  • Kevin Trudeau (Elite Secret Society Knowledge, Quantum Attraction Expert)

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