The Knowledge Acquisition Trap

As someone who has spent the last 5 years accumulating knowledge, I have come upon a secret technique that helps utilize knowledge in the most fantastic way. Instead of constantly accumulating knowledge nonstop and perhaps even over accumulating knowledge, what we would do instead is identify our current problems in life first. While knowing and identifying the current problem we would like to solve right now, we can directly absorb the knowledge to resolve this problem and take action instantly rather than trying to know everything first before taking action. I notice that this is most effective form of using knowledge to our advantage.

There are three ways of using knowledge. The first way is to learn everything first before taking action at all. This is called the knowledge acquisition trap. It is when we become overwhelmed with too much information leading to indecision & inaction. The second and most practical and recommended way is to identify your current problem in life and only learn the necessary amount of information to knowledge to solve that problem and take action and apply it instantly. You are to repeat this process for every new problem that arises and you will be breezing through life quite easily this way. The third way and most advanced form is accumulating knowledge at an intense level AND also applying it at an intense level simualtenously. This is when you are becoming the highest advanced individual. Not many people will arrive at this stage.

When I first started out on my knowledge acquisition journey, I read as many books as I could. This helped to a certain extent by giving me a good general overview of the topics I am interested in. However when it comes practical actionable knowledge, it is recommended to learn only what is necessary otherwise you are simply wasting space in your brain and also wasting time. Knowledge acquisition is indeed good when you are a completely beginner, a stage in which you have no idea on where to begin at all. This is when getting a general knowledge overview is a good idea. However, in the later stages, as you have constantly accumulated knowledge and have become a novice, you are to transition to only absorbing the knowledge necessary to solve your current problem. This maximizes on your efficiency and effectiveness.

This is one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in the last 5 years of holistic life design experience. This is when you are also creating instant ROI. By investing only the amount of effort to learn what you need to take action, you are generating a high ROI ratio. Repeating this process will yield tremendous and successful results 100% guaranteed because it is practical, effective, & powerful. It is like when you are starting your first business. You first seek the knowledge of the fundamentals first before you actually skip straight to trying to scale your business to $25,000 a month. It is impractical for a beginner to learn the advanced steps before even beginning the fundamentals. It is the same situation here.

By applying this method, you simplify everything. Simplicity means focus & organization. By leveraging focus & organization, you can achieve any goal you desire with the right system in place. The only knowledge that I find that you can deviate from this method is philosophy, theology, & metaphysics. When it comes to the technical skills in generating tangible results, you must learn what only you need in the current moment.

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