Various Vibrational Frequencies

If you understand Nikola Tesla’s advice to “think in terms of energy, frequency, & vibration”, you’ll realize a lot of things about maneuvering effectively in this physical reality. Essentially we are magnets that attract certain things, situations, & people into our lives depending on our level of vibrational frequency. As I have now dived subtly back into biohacking & nutrition, I have experimented with certain supplements that raise my vibrational frequency drastically which sustains a high emotional state for a prolonged period of time. This emotional state is not created artificially but is actually unblocked by removing all the energetic blockages through the ingestion of Monatomics, & stress reducers like L-Theanine.

In this world, we either experience a hell-like reality or heaven-like reality on earth depending on our vibrational frequency. Currently I’m in the upper range closer to the heaven side. I’ve experienced the hell side quite predominantly and it is not at all a pleasant experience. I’ve previously discussed alkalinity and acidity in terms of health as well and this also ties into vibrational frequency. When you are in a more alkaline state in your body, you are operating at a higher frequency. All things that belong to God are within the high vibrational frequency range. If you are interested in staying more connected to God, you can optimize your physical body / temple / Church by becoming more alkaline and staying in the higher emotional states. This unlocks a lot of knowledge you normally wouldn’t have access to.

When you are neither alkaline nor acidic and stay in the middle range, you are simply “grounded” on earth. You will be quite average living neither a miraculous lifestyle nor a life of suffering. You can get through life with occasional fluctuations with not much problem at all. However when you are in the alkaline / higher vibrational frequencies, miraculous and synchronistic events tend to happen and God’s manifestations are more easily unlocked. Most people are unable to use the Law of Attraction correctly by neglecting this essential factor of high alkalinity. I use to struggle with clothing myself in the God frequency and surrounding myself with the presence of Angels back when I was unaware how our emotions and spiritual aspects are linked together.

Of course some individuals would love to argue that emotional states are only psychological but based on my personal experience with drugs and opening demonic portals in the past by accident, the spiritual world is indeed linked to our emotions. All negative emotions come from the demonic / Satanic realm. I now understand that the main objective for a human being is to rest in the higher vibrational frequencies where God resides and anchor this state so that you attract all the blessings that rightfully belong to you since the day you were born. I myself still fluctuate between medium vibration and high vibration but that’s okay because I am mostly able to stay in the upper range about 90% of the time.

By stabilizing in the upper ranges through prayer, fasting, bible reading, biohacking & nutrition, I am able to attract all the right things into my life. Some examples include rightfully earned money, the essential knowledge to take my life to the next level, happiness & joy, spiritual empowerment + confidence, unconditional respect from others, a strong connection to God, & a huge sense of complete reassurance. By having these things in my life, I have completely overcome the spiritual & emotional aspects of life which are the foundations to holistic wellbeing. My only issues now are occasional physical ailments like allergies, temporary insomnia, & acid reflux which can easily be remedied through an alkaline diet & taking melatonin.

It might seem outrageous to claim that I have completely overcome the spiritual world, but it is indeed true now that I have mastered metaphysics to a high level and also have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. By combining practicality with spirituality, I become a complete hybrid for long term success in all areas. Now that I’ve discussed with you all the benefits of maintaining a high vibrational frequency, I’d love to recommend some biohacking techniques / things to incorporate to stabilize that high vibrational frequency so you align with the right manifestations for your life. The first thing I recommend is an alkaline concoction reset. This is my own personal ingredients / mixture list. You are basically a chemist / scientist for your own body when you incorporate this.

I recommend taking this combination of these things all at once.

Note: I also would like to leave a disclaimer here that this concoction is in no way any type of professional medical advice. If you are facing a serious health condition, please consult with your doctor and do your own research before making a decision to take the concoction. This concoction was created and designed in a way that suits my personal biochemical processes well and may not work the same for everyone. You may modify the concoction however you please to suit your own bodily function.

Kev Yfe Nbtu’s High Vibrational Alkaline Concoction Reset:

  • 1 Capsule of Etherium Pink (Heals all heart-related traumas & promotes positivity)
  • 1 Capsule of Etherium Black (Removes all stress induced emotions completely & adds in emotional shielding)
  • 1 Capsule of Etherium Gold (Improves brain capabilities, IQ and processing speed)
  • L-Theanine (Stress optimization & promotes relaxation)
  • The 12 Biochemical Cell Salts (Optimizes your DNA function & promotes holistic balance in the body + detoxification)
  • 2 Tablets of Alka-Seltzer (Alkalinizes your body to a very high level + Removes all acid problems for the day)

By taking this alkaline concoction on a weekly basis, you optimize your vibrational frequency to the highest levels and also become holistically upgraded on a gradual basis and improve your own processing system for reality.

This alkaline concoction will pretty much removes all instances of victim mentality & all forms of negativity and empower yourself to create your reality in a way that suits your goals and desires without conflicting with God’s plan or will.

If you aren’t already spiritual or of faith, you might accidentally stumble upon the presence of God when you reach the upper frequencies through this biohacking process.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy “flying high” like I do when you are able to tap into those higher frequencies and maintain it. This process can be quite life changing and if you see any great results I’d love to hear your feedback. You could send me a personal review on how it worked for you at the following email:

Thank you for reading. God bless you and stay safe !

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