The Art of Stillness, Peace, & Relaxation

As people who are integrated as a part of society, we can be find it difficult to simply stay still and take no action, and be peaceful. In this modern world, there is always nonstop activity going on almost never time for us to relax. I say now that is time to make time for stillness, peace, & relaxation. As a high performance individual myself and someone with very high standards almost impossible for most to achieve, I find much value in practicing stillness, peace & relaxation on an every day basis. Even when we are working every day towards our goals and agendas, we should make time to put aside all things and give ourselves quiet silence and stillness. As we are bombarded with information in our lives, sometimes its a good idea to simply rest and savor the peace so that our minds can catch up and process everything.

Once our minds are caught up to speed, we tend to find that we will process information even better than ever before. I believe this is an essential skill to practice because unconscious overwhelm is a real thing. Sometimes we put too much expectation on ourselves and it is time to just let everything go. Stop trying to control everything. There is only one being in control and it is God the Most High. This is a big lesson that I’ve learned in the last 5 years. We could complain about everything but really it is up to God who decides whether or not the change we desire will happen. And so I no longer associate anything related to a victim mentality or any form of perceived oppression at all anymore.

I simply believe that we should all even as consistent action takers, make time to take zero action so that we can perform even better in the long term. I have continuously released over 80 articles nonstop and I do believe sometimes I could take a rest and not have to do anything at all. The best thing about being co-creator of your reality is that you get to make choices. These choices can either empower you or disempower you. It is really up to your decision. For me, writing this blog is very empowering. I like to write not for the views or the social traction but rather the ability to express my ideas effortlessly. However, as I do this whole thing more and more there will come times in which I cannot derive any good ideas and that is completely okay.

I believe that sometimes doing nothing is even more powerful than doing something. There are times in which doing nothing can be more beneficial because doing something might make the situation worse. I am not going to talk about any examples of today because I promised I would not speak on that topic any longer. And so, I have decided I will continue to write the things I believe are important on a holistic basis rather than a political temporary and eventually forgettable issue. I find that when I take this time to relax, it makes me feel like everything is okay. There is no need to force anything. You could actually say that I am in flow. When I am in flow, it seems that everything is working in my favor. I’ve spoken about the principle of ROI and this is definitely a little different than that.

In the principle of ROI, the basis is to put effort into something to get even more back from it. The art of practicing stillness is when we do nothing which means there is no investment at all, but we still benefit from it. This is most powerful art and skill because we are leveraging outer intention to manifest the right things into our life. I will speak more about outer intention later on when I also discuss the topic of reality transurfing. But basically, when we are practicing stillness we become closer with God. We are more likely to hear his voice and take more actions in alignment with his plan in the future.

Honestly, I could say that sometimes I am just tired and practicing stillness is a great way for me to recharge without having to completely take a big break for a long period of time. By incorporating stillness in our daily lives, we can be high performing individuals with a rejuvenating factor supporting behind us as we reach closer and closer towards our goals. When practicing stillness, I recommend fasting from technology completely. This means we stop using the internet, the laptop, the phone, Facebook, YouTube, all kinds of technological things related to online stuff. By fasting from all this information, we will be able to gain mental clarity and also audit ourselves in a way in which we receive a higher and more conscious awareness. The awareness is so key and essential.

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