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Hey what’s up it’s the boss.. today I designed a whole eCommerce website for one of my dad’s computer businesses. Today isn’t going to be an article but rather just my thoughts. I actually also created a whole separate website just for personal journaling because my intention for this website is only to provide valuable content and articles for my audience. However there are some of those days in which I can’t think of anything valuable to share besides my inner thoughts and how I actually feel in this current moment. Of course I am totally glad to keep providing valuable articles when the inspiration comes, probably tomorrow but tonight I’ve done a lot of website designing work using WordPress for my dad.

If you want to check out how it looks so far and how much progress I’ve made, you can access it by going to https://eagleeyeselectronics.com/. I spent hours working on this website today while taking frequent breaks and made quite a lot of progress. I’ve also invested in the new Ecommerce Specialist certification course that was recently created by Tai Lopez. It goes for about $247 a year which is like $20 a month. It’s quite a deal for a 4-month program with official certification. I believe eCommerce is a valuable skill at the moment because it has the potential to attract business owners and even for you to create your own online business no matter which direction you want to pursue. I am quite proud of myself today because I’m working towards the direction I desire and feel a sense of progress every single day.

I’m quite happy also because I’ve manifested over $10,000 into my bank account. It definitely gives me the feeling of abundance and being rich especially since I don’t have to worry about living expenses at the moment. Both of my parents are successful business owners and I learn a lot from just being around them through osmosis. This blog is a way for me to share everything I learn and accumulate from all my experiences and acquired knowledge while also being able to share my personal thoughts, feelings, and ideas aside from holistic life design. Of course speaking about holistic life design is awesome and I love doing it, but sometimes I’d like to digress and just speak about the little things that can be enjoyable as well.

I’m also in a place financially in which I am able to support a struggling family from the Philippines which does not impede me at all whatsoever. I believe God has made me richer so that I could help those in need. Currently I feel quite great about all my circumstances even though I have put zero effort into establishing a solid social circle. Despite knowing high level social dynamics, I have no been incorporating those into practice because I find zero desire to connect with people. My only focus right now is building up my businesses and dad’s businesses while also maintaining a strong faith in God the Most High. It seems to me as my faith grows stronger, the less I pay attention to the opinions of people. I operate according to what God expects out of me rather than what the world expects out of me.

My last article or rather my personal fantasy detailed what I aspire to be in the physical reality. And so my current goal is to manifest a monthly income of at least $25,000 a month which is very possible in this world. I plan to do this by first assisting with my dad’s Ecommerce business and getting a stable income / paycheck from that and then building up my own Ecommerce store targeting the women’s clothing and fashion niche. I will then build my net worth to $100k and start investing my money consistently. I do know that the purpose of money isn’t simply to accumulate it but rather use it in a way that serves God’s will. I have donated over $5k to people in need in a short period of time. I have actually felt better than I have in my entire life after doing so. For some strange reason, donating your money in large quantities brings a sense of fulfillment and peace and even the sense of feeling richer than ever before.

I did however learn a lesson about giving to the poor. It is to never completely fulfill what they desire 100% but rather give them 80-90% of what they need and let them seek the other 10% themselves. This way, it will give them more confidence and motivation as well. By closing the gap to where they want to be dramatically and then giving them a chance to completely close it themselves, you are giving them the gift of learning how to take responsibility and become powerful. In the beginning, I’ve made the very big mistake of giving 100% the amount of money they need and this led to lower motivation, and dependency on me to provide continuously for them. And so, this is a good technique to utilize when you are giving away to the needy or desperate.

With all that aside, I’ve invested quite a lot of money into my website creations and gained a lot of money back. This whole platform is an asset to me even though it costs a couple hundred dollars a year. I’m in a place where I am no longer concerned about money but rather I am concerned about how to fulfill my true potential that God designed me to be. Another concern that I do have is being able to build closer friendships and relationships. This is an area I have purposely neglected so that I can focus more on my personal development, businesses, and skill & knowledge accumulation. I noticed a pattern that if you build a large social circle full of people who are not driven, you become distracted or even lazy just like they are and you might even burn out your last flame of ambition. By distancing yourself and waiting until the right ambitious, driven, talented, & skillful individuals arrive into your life, you maximize on your ROI.

A wise man once said that you are the average of the 5 people in your life. If this is the case, you must surround yourself with 5 of the top highest quality people in order to build a great life. I don’t mind having no friends and being able to be an online influencer through this blog. It is a great blessing to have a cathartic system while maintaining a sense of a solitude and a platform to provide value for others without sacrificing your boundaries or creating unnecessary or even tedious obligations. I have to make sure that I am in a good place, full of comfort, abundance, & success before I am to create fulfilling friendships and relationships. Although some of the best friendships are created when individuals are at the very bottom, I don’t want my friendship to be formed when I am in a phase of lower potential but rather when I am at a maximum high in my potential so that people truly know who I am.

It seems I am unable to fully express who I am at my current level and It is frustrating so I now avoid building friendships or relationships altogether to avoid being overlooked as an individual and focus completely on God, personal development, building businesses, & acquiring skills and knowledge. It seems those things generate the highest ROI for my life when I focus on them. This is the direction I’ve decided to take and I believe it’s one of the greatest decisions I’ve made for my life. My time is always well spent now. Not a second is ever wasted. This is when I am feeling that I am living life to the fullest. I’ve burnt many bridges. I’ve lost countless friends. But it doesn’t bother me at all because I have God in my life. I have a loving family. I have money. I have everything I need and want. Everything is just a bonus at this point.

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