What I would do if I was Level Zero

Seeing how comfortable, effortless, & successful I am now in life, I’ve thought of this hypothetical situation in which I’ve lost all my knowledge and traveled back in time to when I was 10 years old and level zero. Level zero is basically being stuck in the matrix reality of society and being programmed and conditioned in a way that doesn’t benefit me at all in the long term. It is also being ignorant of all practical knowledge. The first thing I would do is read the book “How to Win Friends & Influence Others” by Dale Carnegie. This would serve as a foundation for social dynamics in life and teach me how to interact with people and be charismatic and also build a solid social circle in the future as well.

Knowing these laws of social interaction, I would be able to avoid the situation of being bullied back in elementary school and know some social psychology on how to maneuver more effectively back in those traumatic situations. At this point, I would also have zero money and not even have a bank account. The second thing I would do at level zero is avoid cartoons & all forms of television. These have had subliminal messaging and programming which affected a lot of my subconscious beliefs about the world which held me back tremendously from many potential opportunities. These television shows, cartoons, and movies back then have opened a portal to the occult and evil entities in which I was not aware of for many years of my life. I would avoid Disney altogether especially.

I know I said I would read “How To Win Friends & Influence Others” by Dale Carnegie first, but actually scratch that. I would read the book “How to Read a Book”. Since at this phase of my life, knowledge is power in the absence of God, I would learn how to read a book effectively and then move on to reading the second book for social dynamics. After that, I would introduce myself to psychology and the science of being happy. As a kid, if you are not influenced by evil entities or other negative spirits, you would attract happiness quite naturally. At level zero, I would not have control over my emotional state quite just yet. And so I would be prone to the natural fluctuations based on external circumstances of life.

After reading on the psychology of happiness, I would dive into topics on emotional state control. At this point in time, Google probably didn’t exist yet and so I’d go to the library to pick up a psychology book on mood control / the science of happiness & wellbeing. I would spend lots of time in the library every time I am out of the traditional matrix programming of school. There are lots of useful things learned in traditional school like mathematics, english, & history, but most aren’t quite practical for long term success and happiness in life. No one provided a guide on how to live and even at this point in time, my ability would be too inept to even start reading the Bible. So initially, I would build up my practical life knowledge to save years and years of my life.

At this point in time, probably around 2006, I believe that teachers who explained the concepts about the Law of Attraction and Quantum mechanics and vibrational frequency had already emerged. So I would probably find a book in the library written by them that discussed these topics. The first person who introduced the idea of Law of Attraction came from Abraham Hicks. The Law of Attraction is a mixture of positive psychology, emotional magnetism, quantum physics, and metaphysics. The Law of Attraction is quite powerful to embody simply as a philosophy and not anything even remotely religious nor spiritual because it conveys the idea of attracting things into your reality based on your current emotional state.

This concept, idea, & philosophy has changed my life dramatically when I’ve learned of this and knew how to properly apply it. By learning this and combining it with emotional state control, I would have quite an advantage over many individuals in society in terms of maneuvering with power, effectiveness, & return on investment. And so back to the hypothetical situation, I would learn this and apply it in my life and never let any external situation dictate my emotional state, but rather let the entire universe bend and cater to my emotional state. At this phase of my life, I’d probably be about 12 years old I think according to the overall time frame.

By having the Law of Attraction principles embedded in my consciousness, I could start attracting synchronistic events into my life which would eventually lead me to God the Most High. At 13 years old, I would have developed enough reading comprehension and ability to start reading the Bible. At this point in my life, I would understand that God and the spiritual realm exist due to all of my synchronistic events I’ve attracted. Every day I would absorb 4 pages of the Bible gaining wisdom & knowledge and the spiritual eyes to see truth and do this consistently until I’ve reached the entire end of the Bible.

At 14 years old, I would be legal to work and so I would start a bank account and get my first job part time as I go to high school. Of course since I’ve developed my foundation of knowledge and practical skills, I would have many friends in school drawn to my charisma and enigmatic subtle display of power. There would be this unexplainable essence in my presence. Intangible skills that people could just feel from interacting with me. Since my foundation has been established already, I would use these skills to build a long term social circle and also bring my friends to Jesus Christ. As I would lead by prime example, they would be drawn to my faith because of my great perceived talent and ability and want to be more like me.

I would repeat this process for 3 years straight until I graduate from high school and if I consistently worked part time, I should have saved about $7,000-$10,000 into my bank account including all expenses & self-investments like books and other forms of knowledge acquisition material. In those 3 years, I would have also learned the basics of investing by reading books from Warren Buffett and Tony Robbins. I would be drawn to long term investing and maybe set aside about 20% of my paycheck into exploding stocks in the future like Amazon, Facebook, & Google. Of course I’m uncertain of the whole timeline but the next thing I would do is start doing network marketing with the company Amway. Since I’ve built a large social circle and a lot of followers by this time, I would present my offers to them and generate passive recurring income until I graduate from high school.

Once I graduate from high school, I should have made about $100,000. 1/10 of a millionaire. I believe I would be about 17 or 18 years old at the time too. With about $100k, I could now engage in the Real Estate market with a bit of capital. Initially, I would order many books on how to start investing in real estate / flipping houses. I would gather all the required knowledge necessary for me to start generating income with real estate. I would then find a mentor in this niche and a community + mastermind as well. I would flip real estate for the next 3 years until I’ve hit over $7,000,000 in net worth. With my $7,000,000 I would purchase an extremely stable high profit generating business through acquisitions and let the business run automated until I reached $20,000,000. By this time I believe Amazon have hit billions in Revenue and so my continued consistent investments would yield me a whopping $250,000,000 and more. I am now 21 years old with a net worth of over $250,000,000. I would donate 10% ($25,000,000) of my entire net worth to God and continue building wealth for philanthropic influence like John D. Rockefeller.

Of course at this point in time, when I understand all the laws of metaphysics, psychology, social dynamics, theology, quantum mechanics, and other high level forms of knowledge, it’s like they say, “The rich keep getting richer” and the same situation would apply to me. Eventually I would hit $1 Billion by the age of 23. At this point of my life, since I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever wanted in the physical reality, I would question what would be the next step? I would then create my own elite innovation group called Intriago Blue Blood. I would only allow certain individuals with potential to join my organization. The biggest difference between my group and Illuminati would be that I would be on the side of God rather than the devil.

Of course I’m still young, only 23 years old and with over $1 Billion in the bank after tithing, donating, charity, & other philanthropic activities. At this point, my goal would be to leave a legacy that completely redefined the direction of humanity in accordance to God’s will. I would start this by revamping the entire education system. I would create a platform in which individuals can freely enroll into my public platform with a library with over 20,000 books on metaphysics, psychology, social dynamics, quantum mechanics, nutrition, success, & other topics related to wellbeing. I would call this platform Holistic Life Design. It would become one of the most famous & popular go-to source for education. I would create a high tier enrollment system that people have to pay for not for the sake of making more money, but rather so that they would appreciate the knowledge and apply it in their lives. Eventually when people got to the highest tier, I would give them the option of joining my elite success group Intriago Blue Blood depending on if they are a good candidate or not.

As Intriago Blue Blood continues to expand and grow and as Holistic Life Design continues to be the main face for the public, I would accumulate power equivalent to or even above King Solomon and King David. This would then allow me to influence the world on an international level to spark positive change in society in which everyone would have equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or social status. Of course I would eventually catch the attention of elite groups all over the world trying to target me but I would be protected by the grace of God and the power of my entire organization. I would stay out of the public eye and become good friends with people like Donald Trump, Candace Owens, Kanye West, and many other powerful individuals of the Christian faith.

At this point of my life, I’d be completely indifferent to the luxury lifestyle understanding that materialistic things are empty and void and it is the spiritual side of life that is valuable like gold. I would also know that my money does not belong to me but to God which would create quite a paradigm shift in how I allocate my funds. By utilizing my talents & skills that God have given me and making the most out of them, I would have impacted the world in the best way possible only to serve a divine role / purpose

Of course, I would eventually get bored with no further ambitions in life and it would be quite disastrous. Fortunately, all of this is only hypothetical. I am quite blessed to not have fulfilled everything I’d like to do at a young age because there would be nothing else to aim for. The blessing is when you are at the very bottom and your only direction is up. That is the mindset I am currently partaking in. I see suffering and struggle as a blessing whereas many people do not.

Writing this entire segment has made me feel such a great release knowing how blessed I currently am even though I’m not at my final destination. This goes to show that the journey itself and the process of striving for more is more valuable than reaching your final destination. Thank you for taking the time read my fantasy, aspiration, & long term vision. It outlined my own actual standard for how I wish my life would have turned out if I had the power to manifest anything I wanted. Of course this does not align with my current lifeline and if it did, I would not be able to learn the lesson I am supposed to learn while God has put me on this earth. I hope this was an interesting read for all of you. I’ve written this by expressing my innermost desires & also insights I’ve gained from my past trials & tribulations accumulated thus far. Thank you & God bless you!

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