The Concept of Leveling Up in Real Life

The idea of leveling up is prevalent in a lot of RPG video games today. I now have this idea that this concept can applied in real life too in terms of goal setting especially on improving our identities. In my previous article, I discussed allowing yourself to make a choice to set your own self-worth and let your actions align with that new self-worth. Today I present the concept of leveling up once you have established your new self-worth. To incorporate this process, it is not too difficult. One must design what each level means to them personally because we are holistic life design practitioners. For example, what it means for you at level 1 can be quite different for what it means to me.

For me personally being at level 1 is when we are being introduced to personal development, success, social dynamics, metaphysics, & life design for the first time in our lives. Level 0 is when you are still stuck in the matrix of society trying to go by by adhering to someone else’s standards. My suggestion / idea is to design out each and every single level up to as many levels as you want in this physical reality. I myself would start designing what it means from level 0 all the way to level 100. It is quite similar to goal-setting but instead of saying what specific goal on a long term basis, you are putting your goals into each level and creating a new identity layer from it.

What I would do starting from today is start a notebook, physical or digital, it doesn’t matter, and I would specifically assign what it means to be level 1,2,3,4 all the way up to 100. Then start working towards leveling up. This simplifies the process of goal setting and merges it with identity shifting as well. When you level up you attain a new goal and also you become a new person. If you only use goal setting, you are only achieving things but not becoming a new version of yourself. This is why the concept of leveling up is so powerful and it is quite an attractive feature in video games. Even playing video games has provided quite a useful and practical idea in the world of holistic life design.

Prior to creating Holistic Life Design, I founded a blog / company called Gamified Lifestyle. The foundation was based solely on making your life as if it is a video game. That was one of my building blocks which led to me to create Holistic Life Design. The concept of leveling up will be a foundational tactic in holistic life design because it is very powerful and can change your life in a way that caters to human psychology and how the dopamine reward system works. One day perhaps we could create a Holistic Life Design app that lets us track all of our levels, goals, finances all in one. It is an inspirational idea.

Right now, I have not designed the Leveling Up system yet for Holistic Life Design but I will after I finish writing this article. I have many ideas on starting a community. These levels will not even be officially given to people but rather self-proclaimed and depending on your level of integrity and dedication and honesty with yourself, you can actually “level up” in an effective manner. If I were to estimate what level I currently am from level 0 to 100 in terms of holistic life design, I would say I’m only level 32 and I still have a long way to go to improve my life further. After 5 years of studying personal development, metaphysics, social dynamics, and success, I can only give myself level 32 which is unbelievable. This simply means my standards are the way I see fit and also I have more potential to bank on.

Of course when an individual reaches level 100 which probably won’t happen in this lifetime, the right path to go next is to increase the maximum level by an interval of 20 each time. This allows us to continue growing even if we believed we’ve reached the maximum potential in life. There is always a next standard to aim for no matter how much we improve. One could say my level 32 is someone else’s level 100. That is entirely possible, especially because we all have different standards for living. I’m quite happy to know this concept and principle of leveling up because it gives me hope that there is always something better waiting for me to aim for. This provides me with motivation and inspiration to do more and aspire for more. I believe when one loses his / her aspiration for life, they basically stop living.

If you incorporate this idea of leveling up into your own life, you will be much more motivated for sure. Of course you’ll still have to put in the work. You can’t do nothing and just give yourself a level 100 when deep inside you know you’re about level 1 or level 2. Self-honesty is so key when it comes to getting what we desire out of life. When we are being honest with ourselves, clarity comes about to guide us and life becomes quite effortless. When you are being dishonest, there is resistance and fighting against yourself. You create division and imbalance within yourself that way. This is why an honest self-audit and self-introspection is so valuable especially in the chaotic times of today. When you set yourself straight and you also look to God for the answers, it seems as if the world bends in your favor.

I’m quite excited to start designing this Leveling Up system. I might create a new blog post detailing my entire leveling up system in my future releases. It will be quite interesting. Anyway, take care and God bless you !

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