Anchoring Your Self-Worth

Some people believe that we must achieve a certain endeavor before we are allowed to feel worthy. That whole premise is incorrect. Instead, the proper way to have great self-worth is to make your own conscious decision to set it to the highest level yourself and let the world respond accordingly. The principle is called Self-Worth Anchoring. It’s when you decide you will be worthy not due to achievement but simply because you exist. Our existence is a gift from God and as such we should treat it as such. After you’ve decided on setting your own self-worth to the highest possible level, only take actions and respond to situations that affirm this new level of self-worth you’ve set for yourself.

This will reinforce the truth of your new self-worth. You do not have to do anything to get it. Simply decide. I used to fall in the trap of chasing higher goals and achieving certain things before I allowed myself to feel a certain level of confidence / self-worth. This way of living is ineffective and limits your potential. When you set and anchor your self-worth at the highest level, that’s when your life begins to change. I decided that I would only take actions that align with this new self-worth and this has changed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. If I had not set my self-worth at the highest level, this blog would not even exist right now.

I used to give away my power by caring about what others thought of me or what their opinion was, but anchoring my new self-worth has made other peoples’ criticisms of me completely irrelevant. The only true opinions that matter is what you think of yourself and what God thinks of you. By doing well in these two areas, you will go through life quite smoothly without much struggle. You will have overcome the “game” of this world. I don’t even have to cater to mainstream standards of what it means to be a top-performing or high status person. I don’t need to have a six-pack or look like Brad Pitt to decide to have the highest self-worth. I simply set my self-worth to the highest level right now as I am co-exalted with God and operate in this new modality.

Some people will see this as arrogance or overconfidence but it is not true. It is me deciding who I want to be and not letting others decide this for me. It is when you become the captain of the ship. Setting my own self-worth has changed my life in so many ways. After I shifted my self-worth, my overall identity has changed. I always think positively about myself regardless of what other people say. I see everything I do as a success. Failure cannot exist in my reality like it used to. Because I set my self-worth at the highest level, I only expect the best out of myself. I can admire myself more than a famous person or extremely rich person. This is not narcissism at all because setting my self-worth at the highest level allows me to provide the best for everyone else. I am able to serve others at my highest peak rather than trying to serve them while I am disempowered.

Everything in my life simply flows smoothly now and there is never ever any struggle. When struggle does come about, it is resolved quite effortlessly without me working too hard for it. When you set your self-worth at the highest level, you are blessing yourself. If you have faith in God as well, you get a double blessing basically. That’s some very powerful stuff. Setting your self-worth at the highest level regardless of how you perform in life detaches your self-worth from your self-performance. When these things are linked together, you are trapped in a hamster wheel of trying to perform at your best ALL the time just to maintain a feeling about yourself when you can get it for free. We give ourselves our self-worth, not the world.

When you set your self-worth at the highest level, you can grab the list of the greatest people on the entire planet and add your own name to it. You don’t need the Forbes list or Grammys to tell you how great you are or even the masses / public opinion. We can add our own names to the list of individuals such as Nikola Tesla, Billy Graham, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn, John D. Rockefeller, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, & Henry Ford. We don’t have to wait for validation or receive an award before we allow ourselves to feel that highest self-worth of greatness. We can give it to ourselves for free and let that feeling drive all our actions so that everything manifests accordingly. That is the secret to the law of attraction and manifestation.

If I set my own self-worth and status as the greatest in the world, I will start performing accordingly to align with this new modality I’ve assigned for myself. There is no stress nor pressure because I am simply “being myself”. This is one of my biggest secrets to life and I will add this to the foundational articles on my blog. I believe this article alone would give you enough value if this is the only article you read on the blog. The process is so simple. Decide how great and how high your self-worth is right now and let your actions align accordingly. Don’t deviate from it. Anything that tries to go against this new self-worth can be completely ignored. Ignore everything that tries to give you contradicting evidence of your newly assigned self-worth. Eventually, you will receive positive evidence over and over affirming your new self-worth. Then you will have positive infinite momentum leading you every single day.

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