Too Much Knowledge Leads To Zero Results

When you accumulate too much knowledge, your brain will get completely sick of it. I myself am currently in a phase in which I’ve accumulated so much knowledge to the point that I no longer want to learn because I have too much of it. Too much knowledge can be a curse because when you know too much, you feel responsible for everything. Knowledge does empower us to a higher level, but once you max out on your potential, you find no other path to go towards besides going to God. I can now understand what it means that the meek will inherit the earth in the Bible.

Strangely even though I’ve learned so much in the last five years, today I feel like I know nothing. It’s as if my knowledge has been completely taken away. We are now starting from scratch. Even I will probably need to re-read all the articles I’ve written previously myself to regain my past knowledge. I feel as if an ignorant person who knows God will be more successful and prosperous than an intelligent person who does not know God. My perspective has completely shifted in this area.

Practical knowledge which is very valuable can be tiring and even unattractive because it requires effort in order to apply it. Perhaps motivation is even more important than knowledge itself because motivation is the core ingredient to taking action. With all the knowledge in the world and with no action to propel it forward, you do not generate any results at all. You will simply feel burdened by the vast amount of information and feel powerless that you are unable to do anything about it. I do believe I have a solution for those of us in this phase. We must work on our faith and our psychology.

An interesting area of study is NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). I myself am not an adept in this area yet which is why I am going through this current phase of over accumulated knowledge and lack of proper action to incorporate all the practical ideas. The key is not actually to learn as much as you possibly can but rather learn exactly what it takes to propel you to take action. This is a great lesson I’ve learned from this entire process thus far. Today I was indeed stuck on what to write about because I can’t think of anything practical I’d like to discuss because I have not been incorporating it myself. Speaking about this knowledge would be quite hypocritical since it has not been effective in my day to day life.

What I do suggest and recommend today is study the psychology behind motivation and why people take action. Another interesting concept is the idea of a dopamine detox / dopamine fast. It is the process in which you avoid all activities that give you instant joy for a period of time to let your brain reset its chemicals which will allow you to enjoy taking action on less enjoyable activities in the long term. It is quite commonly talked about today and might actually be a good tactic to remedy situations like this.

Perhaps taking a break from accumulating knowledge is also quite beneficial because it gives your mind time to digest all the acquired information same way we digest and process food. Stuffing ourselves full on a constant basis will make us exhausted from that thing. I recommend that people take breaks regularly and never overwhelm themselves because it is good to take care of your health, mind, & body. These are the foundation to good long lasting happiness and fulfillment. Without these elements being taken care of, we will not be able to continue our journey of constant self-improvement.

An effective process of knowledge accumulation and execution (action) would be to never to learn all the knowledge you need before you take action. It will be to learn what you need to do to take your first action and then as the new problem arises, learn what you need to tackle that problem as well. It will be a step-by-step process. Overaccumulation of knowledge leads to inaction and you will not be able to progress forward. I’ve learned this valuable lesson myself and I am quite happy to share it with the rest of you.

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