A Conversation, Declaration, & Voice

Today will be a conversation rather than an actual article. The last couple articles I’ve released were actually written in copywriting format and some are even taken directly from my Facebook posts. I admit that I have been slacking just a bit in terms of creativity but it was actually an experiment as well. Lately this whole BLM movement has been sapping me mentally & emotionally and I voiced strongly that I do not support it because it is in favor of violence, chaos and destruction. I decided I’m going to take a big break from speaking about politics & metaphysics. The article will be formatted in a conversational way and more so an exposition of my current thoughts.

A friend I known for over 5 years blocked me on Facebook because I disagreed with her. She even verbally attacked me and tried to say I wasn’t a Christian just because I don’t support her viewpoint towards oppression and police brutality. I hereby declare from this point forward, I will not be giving these political ideas and twisted perceptions any more attention. After this blog post, you will not be hearing anything about this ever again. I was quite infuriated about what this person said to me because I worked hard for 5 years straight promoting wellness, progress, & the message of love. For her to try to say I was ignorant even though I’ve read over 300 books on improving yourself on a microcosmic level and invested over $100,000 in knowledge is quite an absurd claim.

I will be promoting God, I will be promoting personal development, psychology, & practical techniques that can improve your life once again which was in the original plan. Any negativity will not be supported on this blog website. I will be completely tuning out the news and donating regularly to BLEXIT, the proper non-profit organization to support led by Candace Owens. I believe Donald Trump has been doing a fantastic job overall and the masses have been brainwashed by the Democratic Party & their media to believe otherwise. This is not at all in my control and I have no intention of trying to alter someone else’s viewpoints. I leave it all up to God.

I reclaim my power as influencer to spread a positive message of love & peace rather than feed into the fear & negativity of the archonic energetic parasitic matrix. If you’ve read my article about the Blue Pill & Red Pill War, then you know this is all psychological & spiritual warfare. Like I said before, this will not be getting any more attention from me whatsoever. I’m completely over it at this point. I will be moving on to better things and innovating the entire education system so that we can break these generational curses from reoccurring on a endless basis.

I also want to say that I have been completely distancing myself from all my friends. I have been trying to take care of myself emotionally and mentally, stimulating my mind with video games since I’m still in the middle of recovery from my past psychosis. I’m so glad that I have this blog and complete freedom to express myself otherwise all these things would be bottled up inside me and wreak havoc on my system. At the end of the day, my message will be to follow your heart and follow God because those are the two essential things you need to take care of everything in this physical life and beyond.

I am really going to pray for all these people being affected by the chaos and violence. It is disheartening to see how ignorant and messed up society is even in the middle of a serious viral pandemic. Perhaps staying at home, social distancing & not being able to go outside has bottled up so many emotions that people just want to release and this created a domino effect which created the situation of today. I do have hope for humanity. A solution will be offered to us because God has not abandoned us. We are loved.

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