Done For You Spirituality

Worship God the Most High 

It simplifies everything. 

You don’t have to study the Occult. You don’t have to study chakras

You don’t have to activate Kundalini

You don’t have to know numerology. 

You don’t have to know astrology. 

You don’t need to know how to read energies. 

You don’t have to learn Fengshui.

You don’t have to study Crystals 

You don’t have to study Kabbalah

It’s DFY Spirituality (Done For You) 

Why manually adjust your own chakra system when God could overwrite all your DNA codes for you and lead you step by step to everything you need through synchronicity? 

I’ve been down that road. Sure you can tweak some energies here and there and get some advantages but it’s nothing like being fully activated with God’s permission. 

The Holy Spirit supersedes all other supernatural forces. 

If you tap into the Holy Spirit, you’ll be in flow with the will of God. 

You essentially become a walking Bible. 

You are THE CHURCH. The physical temple. 

And numerology folks are funny cause God can change the code at any time he wants to. He’s the Programmer. 

We are just watching the movie. If you worship and praise Him enough, he’ll let you write in your own Admin commands time to time. 

God truly provides. He activates my current, he provides me with money. 

We are powerful but we must remember to be humble.

We are not God in this physical dimension since we do not have access to instant physical manifestations. 

You are simply a conduit at this current point in time. 

We are a little lower than the actual Angels. If you claim to be a God, your actions must coincide. 

As the Holy Spirit resides in my body, I am also surrounded by high vibrational Angels. 

They do all the fighting for me. I don’t have to manually protect myself with magic spells or create energetic shields like I used to in my old days. 

When you’re bioelectrically charged and activated with the Holy Spirit, all your prayers manifest instantly on a spiritual & emotional level. 

Physical manifestations are hardcoded to take time otherwise reality would overlap on itself and create an irreversible paradox. 

If you take in scripture with your heart, you unlock so many hidden codes and your eyes become opened. In order for this to happen, you must have faith & conviction. 

If you can believe in something you can’t see such as Covid-19, believing in God is just as easy. 

When you’re first starting off you might not see many changes in your life, but over time it builds exponentially and you start seeing miracles daily. I’m still astonished to this very day. 

Always end your prayers with “in the name of Jesus, Amen” this establishes a bridge to the heavenly Father so he can receive your requests. It’s like a casual conversation really. 

Some adept metaphysicians would tell me “Hey, why worship God when All Is Self anyway?” That’s because even though everything is just Energy and all is self, we are on different frequencies. 

If you could actually reach the same vibrational frequency as God and maintain it, you could instantly manifest fish or anything you want like Jesus did back then. 

But you’d have to be completely free of sin meaning having zero blockages. This is close to impossible for us. Kundalini activation doesn’t achieve this either because it’s a False Holy Spirit that mimics the effects of God while possessing no real power. It is an illusion. 

You don’t see an absurd amount of multimillionaire Kundalini yoga teachers walking around in the world do you? 

This whole premise is different from preaching prosperity gospel because we don’t get everything we want just because we believe in Him. 

We have to take actual tangible steps to upgrade ourselves as we are guided by the Holy Spirit and experience synchronistic events. The free will aspect is still in place. 

You can choose to go against it completely but there’s no real benefit to doing that unless you inherently want to go to the dark side. 

On EARTH, we are all actually Fallen Angels but we can FLY back up into the heavenly state because God is loving and Jesus interceded for us so that we don’t have to suffer eternally in hellish vibrational frequencies. 

If you are just starting out, I recommend just praying every single day until you are actually drawn to start reading the Bible. Replace meditation with prayer. 

It works even better if you read the Bible in chronological order. Most Christians think they can skip and stuff but the activation codes are incomplete when you do that. 

God is quite formulaic and calculated so if you align with everything he is guiding you to do, you will create a blessed life beyond your imagination.

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