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People dying every day but hey it’s not a big deal since it doesn’t get news coverage 😳🤷‍♂️

What happened to “equality”? 

What is an unfair death? Death is death. There’s no going back. Unless you develop a time machine with zero rules. 

Everyone angry now. But that’s the grieving process. Are you still mourning for MLK? Bruce Lee? John F Kennedy? Tupac? Muhammad Ali? Michael Jackson? Kobe Bryant? (funny cause people were talking and buzzing about Kobe just not too long ago but now no one is talking about him) 

I can say with 90% certainty that you weren’t. You were more occupied with your day to day life. 

The same goes for people protesting for George Floyd. Externally they act like they want to create change. But really they just want to vent and get together and “feel powerful”. 

Feeling powerful and being powerful are two different things. 

Justice? What is justice? Justice just means one party winning over another. Who decides who gets to win? Power.

What is power? It’s influence. It’s how much money you have. It’s how many people you have following you. It’s your ability to spark change. 

What decides how important you are perceptively & externally? The media. The masses

What is the truth? We are all important human beings because we are all children of God. 

Race? No. We’re human beings. Earth citizens. 

Just wait until aliens from another planet starts attacking us and it is visibly evident globally. You can’t do nothing else but come together. 

If you actually want to change something. Donate money to the families in need. Offer counseling. Pray for them. Spread a message of love and not violence.

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