The Purpose of High Ticket Courses & Programs

In this Information Age, there are now many people who sell high ticket courses & programs. These courses and programs range from a price range of $297 all the way up to $20,000. I’ve seen a lot of different people criticize these courses and programs saying that they are scams or they don’t “work”. The purpose of a high ticket course and program is not to sell you success in a bottle or a guarantee that you will win 100% in whatever you are trying to accomplish but rather it is an investment in yourself. Paying a high ticket price is to commit to something seriously all the way and also value it. It’s a process of valuation as well.

Surely it is a fact that all information can be found for free on the internet. High Ticket Courses are created when people take their time energy to organize all the information in a way that shortens your learning curve and also makes it a methodical step by step process. When information is organized whether it is free or paid, will become more valuable that way. The people who sell these courses are exchanging their time when they create these courses the same way a person would spend time writing a book. If something is giving for free completely we tend to overlook its value. When we pay $1000 for something, we see the value of it. The purpose of money is really value exchange & “appreciation”. We are naturally inclined to appreciate expensive things more than cheap things.

I enjoy investing into high ticket courses myself because there is a psychological identify shift that occurs every time I purchase one. Instead of buying a $10,000 Rolex watch, investing in a $10,000 course indicates that you value a better upgraded version of yourself more than something materialistic and superficial. The course isn’t guaranteed to generate you success but it is a huge motivating factor. The thing about high ticket courses that people are unaware of is that they aren’t DFY systems (Done for You Systems). After you buy a course, you must take action and work and apply it in order to see results in your life. It’s the same way with reading a book. If you read a book and you don’t apply the information you read in it, nothing has changed.

I love high ticket courses because it affirms that you are abundant in nature especially if you are willing to invest in them. Of course if you are struggling financially, I do not recommend investing in a high ticket course as a way to “solve” all your financial problems. However there are many people who have done this and turned their life completely around. It really depends on who you are and what type of person you are. There are however DFY systems that are sold online as well and I would say a majority of them do not work because they promote the concept of “Easy Success” which doesn’t exist in reality. There are however rare instances of working systems that take a little bit of effort to find success which isn’t the same as Easy Success because you still have to put in the work to set things up.

I myself have spent over $10,000 on high ticket programs and courses and I could say confidently my life has dramatically changed because of it. Essentially what has happened is that I purchased a new upgraded version of myself each time I did so. I have invested in my brain and improved my knowledge. I prefer that over brand name clothes & nice cars that deteriorate in value over time. There is a cathartic emotional and energetic effect every time we make a high ticket purchase especially on those that can change our life completely. I recommend all high ticket programs and courses. Most of the time if a marketer is even able to promote a high ticket course, they are unlikely to be scammers. It takes quite a seasoned individual to be able to do so and if it really is a scam, I still believe you would learn a lot out of it. Skepticism and success do not really mix well together. It is that person who aspires to be more that will get the most out of life.

I do have to warn people that if you are in debt or severe financial collapse, I do not recommend purchasing high ticket programs and courses at all. High ticket courses are considered to be investments and you should at least have a stable source of income before considering any type of investment whatsoever. The order I’ve come to realize is first establish a stable income, allocate a percent towards savings, then build up your investments, and lastly donating extra money to charity. Some people got the order all twisted and they dig a financial hole for themselves in which they are a slave to for the rest of their lives. Another warning is that high ticket courses & programs are not the ALL IN ONE solution to all your programs. Marketers do like to hype things up in their advertisements and so you have to realize that the ALL IN ONE solution is not the program or course, but it is you because you are the one who takes active measurable action.

The way I like to see high ticket courses each time I make these type of purchases is that I’m injecting money into myself and becoming more valuable that way. Of course this is all psychological and emotional but there is indeed an identify shift each time this happens, for me personally. The day will come eventually when I’ve spent $100,000 on mentorship & improving myself. I am doing quite well financially now because of my habits, actions and incorporation of all the knowledge I’ve accumulated thus far and I am so happy. When I read about these miserable stories about people investing their entire savings into a high ticket course and falling into financial collapse, I get disheartened and even shocked because high ticket courses have provided tremendous value to my life. I think the reason this happens is people buy these courses out of desperation and that is not the right mindset to have.

First, you have to cultivate stability and abundance before you invest so grandly into something. Desperation will only create more desperation. That is what people must realize.

I hope this article has opened up a new perspective in you and given you some value. I look forward to creating more valuable content for you in the future!

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