Generating ROI for every Action

In every action we perform, there is an ROI (Return on Investment). When we take an action, we are investing energy into something or someone. Whether or not this energy is well spent depends on the ROI we get back after we perform that action. Since I am a person who advocates efficiency and effectiveness, I tend to get the most out of every single effort I do. Before I engage in something, I assess whether or not the action will generate me at least a 300% ROI. If it doesn’t generate at least that amount, I don’t do that action altogether. This principle aligns with the Law of Least Effort, which is the concept of generating the most results with the least amount of effort.

As I write this article, the ROI for me is that I get more clarity on this concept myself while at the same time transferring knowledge to my audience and gaining more visitors and potential customers to my blog. The second ROI is that I get to cathartically express all of my emotions and ideas which will make me feel calm and peaceful afterwards. When we do something, there is always an ROI whether you are conscious of it or not. This applies to relationships and friendships as well. We tend to spend the most time with the people who generate a huge ROI. It is simply psychology and how we are programmed to behave.

Some people believe in self-sacrifice and doing things for zero benefit. While this is indeed noble, it goes against the nature of humanity which isn’t to say we are inclined to be selfish or greedy, but rather we seek optimization and fulfillment for our efforts. The reason we take up a skill or habit is so that one day it could yield something beneficial and reward us for our efforts. These returns can be immediate or long term. Immediate returns include instant joy from doing that activity. I create music because there is an instant ROI of feeling fulfilled and being able to listen to my own song. It is an example of instant manifestation. Finishing a song successfully also creates a sense of accomplishment which is another ROI.

I love the concept of ROI because having it means that in every action we take, we either win or lose. When you understand ROI, your chances of always winning are at a maximum high. You almost can’t ever lose with your effort because you understand to never overextend or invest into something that will not generate a good ROI. A lot of people who are unaware of this concept take action and they get a negative ROI. In these situations, they are wasting energy and effort, especially if they don’t learn the lesson. When you consistently generate positive ROI, you have a higher confidence level and people respect you more because they perceive you as a high performance individual.

If you are constantly generating a negative ROI, you lose confidence in yourself and you would be considered what society calls a “loser”. It’s a harsh truth but if you don’t understand ROI, you can waste so much energy and time in your life. The concept of ROI is even more important than the concept of time. Matter of fact, ROI supersedes time because ROI determines how well your time is spent. If you put little effort into something and you generate one of the most successful results on the planet, you have won the secret game of life. In a way, there must be value obtained from every action you perform. Otherwise it is meaningless. Sometimes ROI is generated even on a subconscious and psychological level. It does not necessarily have to be monetary or even externally visible.

People nowadays out on the streets rioting are generating quite a negative long term ROI because they are ruining macro perceptions of an entire race and creating global distrust which if resolved properly is much more valuable than the looting of Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci sneakers. When you do not assess the ROI of the things, you become ineffective with your actions and will face dire consequences that you do not see coming. Not incorporating the concept of ROI will be most peoples’ ultimate downfall and especially in life or death situations. In everything there is a sacrifice, and in all sacrifices there should be value or benefit obtained from those sacrifices.

In the Christian religion a good example of ROI is Jesus Christ sacrificing his life to bring people eternal salvation. Jesus Christ dying for peoples’ sins is the effort / investment and the return is people being able to go to heaven. ROI is especially prevalent in business and investing because that is where it comes from actually. But I’ve realized in everything there is ROI. Entering a wrong relationship or business partnership is a negative ROI. Starting a business and completely failing is a negative ROI. Becoming friends with someone untrustworthy and having them backstab you is a negative ROI. The good news is that even if you are someone who has been generating negative ROI for quite some time, you will eventually transition to positive ROI because your brain will simply get tired of it and create that shift.

When we face enough contrast, we get extreme clarity on exactly what we want. In this manipulative & psychological warfare reality, facing negative ROI in the initial phase can be a regular thing. This however builds resilience which will make you smarter with your actions and more positive ROI based. For the most part, I can no longer lose in life because I’ve maxed out on this concept of ROI and the odds are always in my favor. One might perceive it to be luck or being blessed. However it is that efficient investment of my energy allocation that brings me such good results in life. I do give credit to God for granting me this intelligence, knowledge, & discernment.

Once you understand the why behind every action, you can understand the macrocosm and microcosm of life and why God set up everything the way it currently is. It also humbles you and cultivates your compassion and understanding for others. We can learn to forgive others for their ignorance and lack of knowledge and poor ROI choices when we operate from this higher perspective. I personally do feel drawn to those who are more positive ROI based. I simply respect them more because they remind me of myself. This is called the Mirror Effect in which we love those we emulate the same traits as us. In a future article I will be discussing the mirror effect in great detail and it will help build more propinquity in all of your friendships, relationships & family.

I hope this article has helped you in any way at all and I look forward to serving you again.

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