God’s Simulation & Quantum Jumping

The whole planet is a computer simulation created by God. 

All our activities are logged. Every word we speak, every action we do. It’s logged by the divine database. 

The macrocosm and microcosm are linked together. Whatsoever resides in your HEART is what resides on your EARTH. 

If my HEART is filled with the heavenly codes of the Most High, then that’s what I will be experiencing on EARTH. 

If you fill your mind and expose your DNA to Hell frequency programming, you’ll be experiencing HELL on EARTH. 

Altering your DNA codes is alteration of the planetary codes because they are interconnected.

The truth is we are an extension of God the Most High. God has infinite supply of energy. It’s simply the different allocation of energy separated into mass consciousness and varying layers of frequencies. 

Your spiritual status is directly linked to the level of vibrational frequency you maintain. 

In having light, there is always darkness. There exists a species of negative entities that siphons energy from the planet as a main power source. These feed on negative frequencies and they try to siphon as much of these energies as possible.

They are “Energy farming Archons” and if you feed into negative news, you are in so giving away your power and spiritual essence. 

Spiritual essence is what fuels all your physical manifestations. 

God programmed it so that whatever you give attention and focus to, you bless and whatever you take away attention and focus from, you curse. 

Attention is the energy that gives something power to materialize. 

The words we speak and write are magic spells that manipulate the nature of reality since we are co-creators and created in the image of the Most High. In so we are performing alchemy & programming what we wish to perceive. 

If you don’t like something, ignore it and eventually the problem will disappear on its own. It’s spiritual law. 

Your current emotional state & energy level is a good indicator of how you are doing in this area. 

A shortcut for raising and anchoring your vibration to a higher level is to place yourself in the presence of a high vibrational person and absorb through osmosis. This could be through online or in person. 

You can also absorb the vibrational frequencies from books from Great people who have already passed away because their essence lies within their creations. 

There will be a challenge because there’s a vibrational threshold on planet earth that keeps you from flying too high. 

Flying too high sets off the alarm and they will try to “ground” you. You have to do it in a stealthy subtle way in which they don’t take notice. 

By using EMF neutralizers, you can hide your spiritual essence while continuing to raise it to a high level. 

You can also use prayers to create a stealth layer of protection hiding your presence from all negative entities and surround yourself with high vibrational angels. This will prevent all psychic & spiritual attacks. 

When you do this, you can now be considered a Spiritual Assassin / Ninja lol. 

I prefer prayer over meditation because meditation relies on your own energetic field. Prayer relies on Jesus Christ who is fulled activated and has access to the father who is the programmer & Admin of the whole entire simulation. 

Most people try to go to spiritual war before they are even ready. You have to build up your spiritual army before you go into battle. Otherwise you’ll lose because of the vast numbers. 

Though one bioelectrically charged up high vibrational individual can go up against half a legion of demons, what if they had 3 legions of demons. You’re totally screwed. 

Without the programmer / Admin of the simulation on your side, your odds are winning are decreased.

If you want to instantly change your life, I recommend doing Quantum Jumps. An easy quantum jump method is getting two cups. Label one of them “Old reality” and the other cup “New Reality”. Pour water into the Old Reality cup and visualize all of the bad things in your life being poured into that cup as the water goes into it. 

Then start pouring the water from that Old Reality cup into the New Reality cup and visualize all of the bad things alchemically transmuting into EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE in your reality. The last step is to drink all the water in the New Reality Cup. This is one of the quickest and easiest Quantum jump techniques I’ve utilized that have worked for my life. 

It works even better if you color code the cups too. 

If you want to maintain the effects of the Quantum Jump, you have to start aligning with the new frequencies given to you and don’t go back to your old ways after you made your leap. 

Quantum Jumps are easy but maintaining the new changes is what’s difficult. 

And so I hope this plethora of information will be able to help you in your journey. Have a great day and focus on the things you like!

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