The Blue Pill & Red Pill War

There are only two types of people in this world. People who believe they are victims and people who believe they are the creators of their reality. I myself used to be a victim myself since I was little all the way up until the year 2017. I couldn’t understand why someone else had it better than I did. I was a jealous person. I always questioned why life was so awful to me and why life was much better for someone else. I thought this way because I operated with a victim mentality. I blamed everything outside of myself for all of my problems. When I was someone with almost zero practical knowledge, I felt so powerless.

I felt as if only good things happened to people who were lucky or chosen. I myself had a lot of good situations happen to me as well, but the problem was that I only focused on the things that went wrong for me. I would always ask myself why couldn’t I have this thing that someone else had. Why is life so unfair to me? This was one of the questions I would ask myself. But later on in life, I realize that life is extremely fair. God has calculated the laws of the universe to perfection. The reason we even perceive unfairness is because our perspectives are distorted and also confirm our belief systems.

When we operate from a victim mentality, we overlook all of the good things that happen to us. We focus only on the things that go wrong and this is a disease. Victim mentality is a mental disease in my opinion. For any problem, you can always find an outside source to blame if you look hard enough. But this way of living takes away all responsibility from you. When you blame an outside source, you give away your power to somebody else. When you take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, you gain control. This is the process of taking the “red pill” or the “blue pill” as portrayed in the matrix.

People who take the blue pill are habitual victims of life. People who take the red pill understand that life is fair and we are responsible for creating our reality. If you understand the laws of manifestation, you will know that all events that occur have to happen first through a chain of prior events and the person who is creating these prior events is you. Everything begins with a thought initially before it becomes into physical manifestation. Back when I was a victim, I would blame people for not liking me and say that the reason people didn’t like me was because they were bad people. But as time went on, I came to realize that it has nothing to do with people outside, but rather my inabilities or lack of skill that create these perceptions and results.

By knowing that I do have control over almost a majority of events in my life, I can now control the things that do have an effect over my reality such as working on intangible traits, characteristics, and skillsets that create lasting change in who I am as a person. By changing me as a whole, I change my life altogether. By remaining the same as I once was, nothing would change. And so I realized the problem was something within and not a problem with anything outside. Sure bad things happen outside all the time, but whether or not we encounter these events are up to how much we’ve taking care of controlling the factors we could control prior to leading up to these events.

A victim really is in a powerless state because that is a low vibrational frequency state. There is definitely heaviness in operating with that mindset. I would question why I was unable to attract the right people into my life. But the people outside wasn’t the problem, it was because of who I am myself which caused me to attract the wrong people. And so victim mentality can easily be solved when you realize that the power is really within you. The Bible says the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. This is one of the biggest secrets to life.

If you operate from an abundant mentality, you realize opportunities are limitless. it has nothing to do with white privelege or being upper class. Even homeless people can be reconditioned into having an abundant mentality. The red pill isn’t limited to any person of any race, color, ethnicity, or social status. Matter of fact, once you take the red pill and start operating from abundance mentality, you realize none of that stuff actually matters. And so, this Minnesota situation that occurred quite recently has sparked a chain of events filled with people who are still taking the blue pill. They believe just because one white cop killed a black person, that all cops are bad. This generalization is so dangerous because you can’t apply a singular event to categorize the whole population of cops in the United States. That just makes zero sense whatsoever.

Anyhow, I do have compassion for these people because they are still operating from victim mentality. This was a modality I was operating in back in 2016 and and pretty all the years of my life up until 2017. So about until 3 years ago I was still living in such a hell-like vibrational frequency. By stumbling upon high vibrational material such as self-help, psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality, I was released from this prison of ineffective thinking and empowered myself to get to a whole new level. Operating on this whole new level is so different from back then. The differences include better control of my time, higher productivity levels, indifference to most peoples’ opinions, personal development at a high speed, faith in God the Most High, and being able to see the purpose of all things.

Now that I spoken about victim mentality and abundance mentality, the question is, How can we change to abundance mentality? The first step to do this really is to know that no one is causing you any problems. It is not the Illuminati, the upper class elite, nor is it the government or rich white people. The problem is not anything outside. The problem is YOU. You are infected with a disease. To cure this disease, you must first realize you have a problem. If a problem remains unresolved, you will always have that disease. Problems usually remain unsolved when we are unaware of it. So awareness is the key first step. I recommend you take a good look at yourself and realize you are not as perfect as you think you are. Matter of fact, the people you are blaming on the outside are probably doing a way better job than you are. Ask yourself, what are you contributing to society?

If you cannot answer these questions, it is a clear sign that victim mentality disease may be in your midst. The next step after you ask yourself these things is to start listing out ALL of the things that you can actually control about your life. The things you cannot control are actually a completely total waste of time and energy. There’s no good nor benefit in pondering on the things you have zero control over. So making a list of what you are able to control and influence puts the power back in your palm. This is one of my secrets to life. It is a measurable process of power accumulation. I will list out some examples right now.

Things I can control (Red Pill) :
> The type of food I eat
> The type of television / media I consume or watch
> The people I choose to hang out with and who I give my attention to
> How grateful I am for the things I have
> Doing research online and accumulating knowledge
> What I choose to spend my money on
> Where I choose to go outside
> How much time I spend on the internet
> How kind I am to my family
> Putting on a mask and goggles before I go outside

Things I cannot control (Blue Pill) :
> The global economy
> What happens in the outside world like rioting, violence
> What politicians choose to do when elected in power
> Huge gatherings of ignorant people
> The stock market
> Criminals committing crimes repeatedly
> The Coronavirus
> Racial Warfare violence & Gang war

Here you can see clear differences between what Blue Pill and Red Pill people focus on. I myself used to be a part of the masses focusing on those things but it wastes the space of my mind which can be used for more productive activities. I could be creating life-changing information and metaphysical breakthroughs and starting multiple businesses instead of sitting down scrolling Facebook watching the terrible news. Being informed is great. However there is a big difference between being informed and constantly feeding your mind with negative news and things you have zero control over.

I am quite blessed to have this simple and subtle awareness shift. It has created a massive difference in my life. I am willing to bet that if you change into abundance / red pill mindset, then your life would change completely as well.

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