The Art of Winning Over and Over

I have a secret to tell everyone. It’s a secret that not many people know about. Even the title explains it a bit already. Whats this secret you ask? It’s simple really. The secret to life is to keep winning. How do you maintain a winning streak without ever losing? The key is to win at the most simple small things first and gradually increase your next objective as you continue stacking up on the small wins. An example of this if applied to physical exercise is to do simply one push up a day. After you do that consistently for 10 days, increase it to 2 push ups a day and then repeat this process until you can do 100 push ups a day. This concept is similar to kaizen / gradual incremental improvement.

The philosophy is more focused on the art of winning which scientifically increases your dopamine release and optimizes your reward centers in your brain. This leads to increased motivation and aptitude. Stacking on wins also builds upward momentum that carries you toward the next win and this can be stacked endlessly. As you stack enough wins, this also leads to an increased sense of confidence in yourself and confidence is one of the core ingredients to success because it is correlated with your belief systems. Belief and manifestations go hand in hand. Belief on a high level is equal to conviction and conviction is what pulls subjective ideas into physical reality.

If you are currently on a losing streak and it’s as if nothing in your life is going right, then start small. Start with the most easiest, simplest, & small thing you can win at. If you are constantly losing, it means that your standards are way higher than your actual ability and it has nothing to do with luck or how blessed you are. God has blessed everyone to a certain extent and you are possessed with a unique gift that you may or may not realize you have. A blessing / luck (in most people’s terms) is a simply preparation x ability x God’s will. Preparation and ability make up 70% of the manifestation process and 30% is orchestrated by outer intention / God’s will. This means that if you don’t know God, your chances of successfully manifesting what you desire is only at a maximum threshold of 70%.

Some people say they believe in the Universe however this only works to a certain extent because God is who created the Universe and believing in only his creation will grant a limited supply of power. So you will be utilizing 50% of the 30% threshold meaning you only gain an access of 15%. People who believe in the Universe / higher power have a maximum threshold of 85% which is much higher than a complete non-believer. Then there are those who only believe in God and do not build their skills nor prepare for opportunities. These people will only have a maximum threshold of 30%. And whether or not these people even get to fully utilize the maximum threshold depends on how deep their faith actually is.

A person who builds on his ability to the highest level, prepares for opportunity every day, & believes in God with the deepest faith will have a very high successful rate. Of course no one can manifest with a 100% success rate. This is quite impossible but incorporating these factors will increase your maximum threshold to 100% which will increase your chances tremendously compared to someone missing one or two of these factors. Having God’s blessing but not taking the proper actions is a quite a waste of the talents granted to you. The last time I ever lost in life was about 2 years ago. I talked about what happened to me in a previous blog article. I’ve been on an endless winning streak despite having setbacks, it is close to impossible for me to lose knowing this ideology.

In a future post I will be discussing the overlaps between the metaphysical and psychological side of life. There are interesting overlaps that explain why some people are successful and why some are not. If people understood metaphysics alone, there would be much less problems in the world right now. If they understood psychology, the world would be better as well. If they understood both, world peace might actually be achievable. If you are constantly on a winning streak, your cup with runneth over with a sense of limitless abundance and people will be able to subconsciously feel that from you.

A big tip I will leave with you all is take inventory of ALL YOUR WINS on a weekly basis. The benefits of doing this includes: a high self-confidence, increased motivation, effortless upward momentum to do more, being in flow with God’s perspective, an increase in charisma, and seeing yourself as an asset rather than a liability. By taking inventory of your wins, this will lead to even more wins. I’m not exactly sure of why this happens, but it has to do with conditioning and programming. We are drawn to what feels good and we seek to replicate exactly that. This article was even a good reminder to myself to take inventory of all my wins and also start with the small and easy things.

Having an inventory of your wins is even more valuable than being a millionaire or famous person. This is because taking inventory lets you appreciate every little win you’ve accomplished and you can feel successful in your own eyes regardless of what others think. It is introspective appreciate and whatever we appreciate or focus on increases in value. The more we unappreciate / depreciate or take away our focus from something, it decreases in value. What we put our attention on is our ability to bless or curse something. This is why the most popular things are usually blessed and achieve success because so many people have put their attention on it. The only benefit of fame is having peoples attention and attention is what lets you increase in value. Increasing in value is what brings more blessings over to you and blessings are what allow you to bring more abundance into your life.

Being on a consistent win streak is pretty much the same thing as blessing. In this case, you are creating your own blessing by blessing yourself through the art of stacking wins. Stacking wins means you are giving yourself love, appreciation, & focus. If a person is unfocused, they are not likely to win as much. If they don’t love themselves, they are less likely to win too. If they don’t appreciate themselves and the stuff they do, they’re less likely to take action. No action = no wins. So the key is to stack up on small wins. Small win stacking is the same as accomplishing and achieving a big win. This is a secret that not many people know. They think that they have to achieve that amazing feat on their first try. This is a big misconception portrayed by mainstream media. Big accomplishments are created through small wins over time. Small win stacking will allow you to achieve even the most impossible things.

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