Transmutation, Ownership, & The Power of Choice

As a founder of this platform / blog, I am free to write whatever I wish. It’s the luxury of being a full owner of your website and content. Usually I write articles designed to provide value to my audience. Today will be a little bit different. I will simply be discussing what is currently on my mind as a sort of mental transmutative exposition. Another thing is that I do feel unsure on what topic to talk about and this is the only way I can think of to consistently keep releasing articles every single day without stopping. I like the idea of the consistency but to be able to keep creating new fresh ideas of content is a much difficult task.

And so I will discuss and talk about the things that are on my mind at this current point in time. I have released 67 articles straight non-stop and a majority of them are written by me. I am quite proud of that feat because I have never done anything like this before. I don’t even consider myself to be a professional writer either and yet I have been able to write such an abundance of words and content. Sure there are a lot of mistakes & grammar errors here and there but I am still proud of my consistent imperfect action that will be refined gradually over time. Being the owner of this website makes me feel very free to express who I am no matter what. I do recommend that everyone start their own blog as a cathartic outlet and also a way to help others with their knowledge as well.

Every time I do write something, it is a huge emotional and mental release after the whole process. It is a mental & emotional detoxification. It’s almost the same as taking a cleanse with a diet that will catalyze a physical detoxification. I love the word detoxify. We go around the world all the time with impurities in us and this could be impure thinking, impure food that we ingest or even impure people who are constantly negative around us. I advocate holistic detoxification and holistic life design because we are meant to be in control of the direction of our lives. We are not slaves to society or outside conditioning even though it may initially have affected us tremendously when we are unaware. Once we cultivate that awareness, we regain our power.

The power to choose who we want to become. Ever since I created this blog, I have created clarity in my life. Clarity and power to be whoever I choose to be. It is that choice and freewill that is so valuable and such a luxury granted to us by God the Most High. The power of choice is what will allow us to manifest whatever we aim for. And all choices have different value. Sometimes we find ourselves to be in a middle of a process rather than being a finished product. This blog website is exactly that and so is my holistic life design system. Since perfection is never achieved, we can only get close to closing the gap rather than closing it completely. It is the strive towards that perfection that offers so much fulfillment even though it is never achievable. There should always be a balance between self-acceptance and perfectionism. Leaning too much on self-acceptance hinders us from growing or making progress and leaning too much on perfectionism makes us overly strict on ourselves and causes stress.

My goal, as I continue to work on this blog, is to cultivate my writing skills and develop a solid foundation to educate individuals all over the world. I have read so many books that have changed my life and I have decided to condense all the information I learned into a free education system that anyone can access simply with the internet. There will be premium courses that are in-depth and released in the future for sure but are designed for those who are seeking to reach the next level. I have worked extra hard on simply the free content and you can bet that I will work 3 times as hard on the premium content. From the 67 articles I have released thus far, you can learn a ton of valuable information that can change your life if you apply it.

It is such fulfilling work and I am not even thinking too much on the monetization process because creating free value each day for the world is a fulfilling task to carry out. Sometimes I do overthink the entire process but that just highlights my flaws as a human being and that being completely self-reliant is not the way to go even though it has many benefits. This is why consulting and seeking outside knowledge is very valuable too. Seeing additional perspectives can open a new perspective in us which may result in our breakthrough. This has surely happened to me many times and I really appreciate everything that has led me to where I am now. Having a certain expectation / standard on myself does incite some level of pressure but I try not to dive too much toward that side because one must be comfortable as a foundation as explained in one of my previous blog articles.

Having this blog online has definitely granted me a powerful voice and being able to reach people globally has made me feel like a true leader and influencer even though I am not someone popular or famous. The internet is very powerful because the potential is endless. When you start from the very bottom, the only direction is up. I love that because I have nothing to lose but everything to gain and when you maneuver through life with that type of mindset, you are pretty much invincible. I believe consistency and small improvements every day is the key to success. I adopt this philosophy myself and I have generated massive results that have changed my life.

Having the courage to start my own affiliate marketing business was not easy. The expense of advertising costs and doing product research and putting time and effort into something that might not be successful indeed takes courage and daring to fail is not something many people do. I myself am not afraid of failure and I am willing to fail as many times as needed until I get to the result I desire. A successful person is a habitual failure that does not give up. I will fail 10,000 times if necessary if that’s what it takes to achieve my first success. I look forward to the day when everything pays off. I have deep conviction that it will one day. I’m grateful to all of you who are following me on this journey together because we are not alone. We are a powerful community and I’m excited to have you all as a part of Holistic Life Design.

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