A Short Guide to Personal Development

The first thing you must do when starting on you personal development journey is identify what you want to improve about yourself. Personal Development usually means creating a positive change in yourself or an identify shift if you will. In order to create this identity shift, one must start from a place of gratitude. Identifying what is currently working well is essential because it is foundational to your philosophy of improving yourself. If you don’t practice gratitude, personal development is meaningless because you do not appreciate all the little hints of improvement you’ve created for yourself.

So the first step is actually creating an attitude of gratitude. This can be done just through contemplation or writing a gratitude list. You can do whatever way you prefer. The second step is identify what areas you are trying to improve on about yourself. Personal Development includes acquiring new knowledge & skills. Once you identify the areas you would like to work on, all you have to do is identify someone you know that is an expert in the area of personal development you would like to improve. This person can serve as a model. This does not have to be someone you know personally but even just someone you come across online. An influencer and role model of some sort.

Once you’ve identified this person who can serve as a role model, start following that person and read their books and take their courses if they offer these. Most influencers or expert role models have written their own books that entail how they achieved their success in personal development and in life in general. Some examples of an expert role model would be Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, & Og Mandino. You can model yourself after anyone you wish. The model aspect is necessary because not all knowledge is equal. An expert role model has expert knowledge whereas a novice or someone who is not as skilled only has novice knowledge. You must be selective with the knowledge you obtain and who you obtain it from.

After you passed this step, the next thing is to start applying everything you learn from these role models. Knowledge without application is useless. It is application and action that sparks change in your life especially personal development progress. Modeling yourself after someone should also be in alignment with your personal development goals. This person should also have all of the same values as you. Modeling the wrong person can lead to a sense of feeling “not yourself” or even trying to be someone you are not. Be authentic with your personal development goals and also be in touch with who you truly want to become. The possibilities are endless when you have a personal development future vision for yourself.

A way to speed up this whole process as a catalyst is to use visualization. By visualizing your future self, you can close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be much faster. Visualization is one of the secret manifestation techniques in which you use your attention and focus to hone in on the right frequencies to attract what you wish. Personal Development is also an endless journey because there is always a new target to aim for after you’ve achieved your initial target. It is continuous improvement that brings total joy in our lives. The longer you engage in personal development, the closer to you becoming your own role model. Sooner or later, the person you’ve become is admirable even to yourself and you just can’t believe how much you improved. This is called the Compound Effect which you work on something consistently for a prolonged period of time.

Some additional tips I would say about personal development is that even small progress is better than no progress. If you stay on your path and you keep it slow and steady, it can accumulate to big changes. This is a technique I am currently utilizing and I have made tremendous leaps in my personal development because of it. Someone who makes massive changes in a short period of time is unlikely to maintain that consistency and keep improving endlessly. Someone who makes small changes and improvements each and every day habitually will keep on evolving because it is a much more effortless and flowing process. Small changes will add up.

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