Comfort is the Foundation

Comfort is your foundation. It is necessary to be comfortable before you engage in anything. This is because comfort is effortless flow on a high vibrational frequency. When you create or do things comfortably, you are operating at a good state. Some people argue that pressure or high expectations is necessary for success. It is good to have expectations but putting extreme pressure on yourself and taking comfort out of the process is not good. Some people also say it is bad to stay in your comfort zone. Yes it is good to try new things but doing so from a high level of comfort lets you expand and improve naturally rather than forcing growth on yourself.

Putting too much pressure or expectation on yourself will only induce stress which is a negative vibrational frequency. Some people lift themselves up tremendously through this process but it is a double edged sword because it can have detrimental effects on you. With that being said, to maintain a high level of comfort while continuing to expand or improve in skill, you can increase the space of your comfort zone through gradual and minimal improvements at a time which can add up to big things.

An example of this is being too shy to speak to a girl you like. In order to build it up to a point in which you’re in a relationship with this girl, instead of expecting yourself to casually start a conversation, you can start in gradual increments such as starting with a simple smile which takes minimal effort. After that you can be comfortable enough to maintain eye contact for a while. If that goes well too, you can move on to going up to her and starting a conversation. Of course this process can only be done when you have an abundance of options to choose from such as practicing this skill with multiple people. When this process is done repeatedly, you’ll notice how comfortable you are at doing this normally high pressure skill.

Pressure is unnecessary. Pressure is only an indication of your lack of skill in a given task. High expectations is basically trying to walk up the stairs 5 steps at a time to your goal and trying to skip way too many steps. It is gradual improvement that allows you to maintain that emotional stability and comfort while also becoming better at what you do. Step-by-step improvement is the secret to maintaining high comfort levels while also performing at a extremely high level. People who apply pressure on themselves are simply unskilled at managing their emotional states and comfort levels. High emotional states and high comfort levels are core essential ingredients to long term success in anything that you do.

Pressure can also be a sign of a lack of organization and overwhelm in trying to take on too much for your ability. However nothing is ever too much when you are organized. Being organized allows you to see things with clarity and tackle things step by step. It is like chopping a tree one time every day with an axe. Over time, that tree will eventually fall down even though you aren’t able to on the first day. Pressure or overwhelm is prevalent when you are attempting to cut down that tree on the first day which is possible but you will be forcing yourself to do so from a low vibrational state that lacks comfort.

Even in emergency situations, comfort is essential because if you are struck by the sudden dilemma and you do not maintain your calm and comfort, you can be thrown off emotionally and risk making even more mistakes. If you stay calm and comfortable, you can operate with precision. An example of this is being a surgeon, if the surgeon is remaining comfortable by putting on some classic jazz music or orchestra music while performing the surgery keeping his poise, he will perform a lot better than the surgeon who has extreme pressure to perform on the patient. High pressure is only necessary when you are in survival mode. Survival mode would mean like someone trying to kill you or put you in danger or avoiding an accident. Those situations are the only exception because adrenaline is demanded to speed up your reactions in those times that will increase your likelihood to survive.

When it comes to modern day society , especially in the United States, we are mostly protected by the law and there isn’t war 24/7 on a constant basis with rocket launchers blowing up buildings next to where we sleep. In these times, we can operate with comfort. But even in those dangerous places, survivors will still seek comfort regardless of the stress around them because that is our psychological need according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The point is, staying comfortable allows you to operate more effectively in this modern day lifestyle of capitalism and the power of social dynamics.

If something is out of your comfort zone, you are just not ready for it. There are times we are forced out of our comfort zones. These times can either be extremely beneficial for you or extremely detrimental. When something is forced, it will either be a tremendous setback or a tremendous breakthrough. I myself do not advocate ever forcing something because it goes against the nature of the laws of God. I operate within my comfort levels and evolve on a gradual basis. Seeking extreme improvement all at once can be dangerous to your wellbeing.

Remember to be comfortable. It is a crucial foundation. Anyone who says otherwise is operating out of pressure, high expectation, & scarcity-based mindset. When you are someone who is abundant, you are ALWAYS comfortable. Even in those dangerous situations I mentioned above. The higher one’s aptitude, the more comfortable that person is. Comfort is also your intuitive mechanism letting you know whether or not you taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally. If you don’t feel comfortable, something is definitely off. Listen to your inner gut. It is an advanced GPS system designed by God.

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