Imperfect Action, Course Correction, & Accumulated Factors

Today’s article will be created directly from a stream of consciousness. I don’t have any specific topic to talk about today but whatever comes will be allowed through effortless inspiration. I usually pre-plan the topic before I write but today I’ve decided to go with my gut intuition to simply let my writing effortlessly flow on its own. I believe sometimes the best works are done when you don’t apply too much conscious thinking towards it. Sometimes this allows the subconscious mind to take over and you are able to create wonderful works of art on like some Leonardo Da Vinci or Michael Angelo type of level. I myself don’t think I am at that level at all but sometimes I do tap into this infinite source of inspiration which I definitely think is from God the Most High.

I do appreciate God very much because he has inspired me to create this blog to help people and it is very fulfilling work that I am passionate about even if I am not actively monetizing it at the current moment. I do seek more visitors to this website and this may include me spending money on advertising especially Google Ads which I am quite fond of. I am not fond of Facebook Ads because of a lot of censorship on there and people endlessly leaving bad comments on the ads themselves lower the engagement rate on them which makes it just me burning money away. But it was through this experimentation that allowed me to decide that Google Ads suited my style and business acumen much more.

Lately, I’ve been dabbling in Affiliate Marketing. I’ve finally hit the $10k range for the first time and I will be continuing to grow my wealth through multiple businesses that I’ve created. As this blog is focused primarily on holistic wellness in all facets, I am trying my best to be versatile and include valuable content that is applicable in every single area of your life. The biggest thing I would love to leave you all with today is that you should always go after the things you want. You may not achieve those things immediately and you might fail again and again but I recommend that you continue to fail until you finally achieve that thing you desire. It is through imperfect action continuously repeated and refined until we get success in our results.

This website for example is imperfect in many ways. I am actually building everything and solving problems as I come along them rather than trying to know everything before I start. It is so essential to take action and keep taking action so that you have a result to assess on what next action to take. Without this measuring process and the ability to gauge where you currently are, there is no course correction mechanism to let you know what to adjust or what to do to get closer to your desired results. Sometimes I amaze myself of my ability to write quite decently and it is through continuous repetition that I’ve achieved where I am today. I am no millionaire or anyone famous, but I still see myself as a success because of all the hard work I’ve accumulated up to this day.

I believe hard work, continuous course correction, & belief in God are the 3 most important ingredients to success in life. It is not even how smart you are or how high your IQ is. The core essential ingredient that is even greater than IQ is knowing how to course correct every time you take an action and get a certain result. Nothing is ever a failure because everything is just a mathematical equation that adds up to a certain result. It is comprised of multiple factors that have led you to that result and it is nothing even personal. The more factors you can accumulate, the better your result and the more successful you become. An example of this is skill accumulation. If I learn website design, marketing, personal development, theology, metaphysics, and social dynamics, I have a much higher success rate than someone who just knows website design on their own.

It is the accumulation of skills & intangible factors that make you a more valuable person especially in the marketplace. But what makes this incomplete is the lack of belief in God. Without belief in God, there is no outer intention faith that propels you forward even if you feel powerless at times or unmotivated. That faith is so essential to our success as well because if you know deep down in your soul that an omnipotent force is on your side at all times and you believe it with 100% conviction, you become completely unstoppable in everything even if you lack skills. Those skills will be granted to you naturally if you stay on your path and continuously work hard at your goals. The big tactic is to keep working at your goals one problem at a time. This makes it much more manageable and even more motivating to do which is why I recommend creating a To-Do list every day.

Another thing is if you do incorporate this tactic / technique, make sure you are a flexible person. I noticed myself in the past that creating To-Do lists made me feel rigid in my actions having to adhere to a certain order of action or giving myself due dates to accomplish them which felt much like self-created prison. There must be balance when using these types of tools as well. Otherwise, you are being used by the tool rather than what it was intended to do. Lastly I am glad that my stream of consciousness allowed me to write this article because I honestly had slight concern that I might write out of topics to talk about which now that I think about it is impossible because Holistic Life Design comprises of so many different facets and the possibilities are endless when it comes to holistic self improvement.

Thank you for reading this article. I look forward to giving you more valuable in my future articles as well. Take care and have a nice day !

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