Bioenergetic Frequencies, Fallen Angels, & Holistic Detoxification

As someone who is an adept in the occult & metaphysics as well as being a fellow Christian now, I sometimes still get annoyed when I interact with people infested with negative vibrational entities attached to them. In Christian terms we call these demons or fallen angels. 

Just about an hour ago, I’ve conducted some business transactions and suddenly a negative spirit tried to latch on to my solar plexus and sap my energetic frequencies. As a symptom effect because of my holistic spiritual regulation mechanism, I started belching a lot and I automatically started cutting off the attachments. 

Even though I have this self-regulation mechanism in place after years of training and bioenergetic detoxification & DNA manipulation, and accumulated weeks of prayer, it’s still a gruesome and uncomfortable process. 

I just want to let everyone know I don’t take it personal and I’m happy to exorcise your demons for you through the power of God the Most High and relying on the Holy Spirit. I am writing this post as an alchemical transmutation process as well and I’m here to obliterate or even transform these negative entities into high vibrational entities that are on my side. 

Even through the alkalization process and taking etherium monatomics, L-Theanine, & bioenergetic cell salts, I’m still prone to spiritual attack because I’m only human but I have an advantage in controlling my emotional & vibrational state that lets me anchor it and keep the automatic detoxification process in place. 

As I’m now a conduit & servant of the Lord, perhaps He is testing me and my spiritual essence. 

God bless you and take care.

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