My Journey as a Holistic Life Designer

When I first started out before creating Holistic Life Design, I began when I was 19 years old and I was introduced to personal development for the first time by Tai Lopez. He is a mentor and online marketer and he advocated reading books & acquiring knowledge. This was the first time I realized that reading books can change my life. I had a whole completely different perspective about reading books prior to this believing that they were a waste of time which was ingrained into me through traditional school. I stumbled upon Tai Lopez’s youtube video and come across an advertisement back 5 years ago offering me the 67 steps program.

This program cost $67 to buy and enroll and at the time, I didn’t really had much money because I didn’t work at all yet. I thought it was a lot but it was about the same price of a video game which costs $60. So I told myself why not? Let’s try it. In the program there are 67 videos and hours of video containing knowledge, frameworks, and fundamentals on how to live a successful good life. He taught me the importance of reading books every day and feeding my mind with good information that can help improve my life. This was when I was introduced to self-help books for the first time.

I bought about 10 books back then and the first book I read was How to Win Friends & Influence Others by Dale Carnegie. It was a great book because I didn’t have many friends back then. But it taught me how to socialize and be very likable by people. I was still in college at the time and using the techniques and knowledge from that book, I was able to make a large social circle in college and build my personal Facebook page. At that time, I shot my first music video and I reached over 62 likes on it and over a thousand views and I thought it was an absolutely amazing accomplishment because it was due to my hard work & networking skills acquired through the 67 step program by Tai Lopez.

I then continued to read as many books as I possibly could and I was led to read spiritual books about meditation, the occult, & other new age topics. I dived heavily into these topics and stumbled upon Secret Energy created by Sevan Bomar. He was master of spirituality & occult. He was basically my second guide in life and he taught me advanced metaphysics & spirituality and I learned a lot about purified water, DNA Manipulation, & bioenergetic detoxification which led to me becoming a lot more healthy mentally & emotionally. This created a massive change in my life.

I then started to become overconfident because of my advanced knowledge and started to experiment with drugs like LSD & ectacsy. This was a dark turning point in my life because taking LSD made me realize that the spiritual world was not a joke and that God really exists. I started seeing ways to find God and I did this through multiple avenues. However I was misled by the occult and even tried ecstasy just to try and “feel” God. It emulated a feeling similar to that but wasn’t quite the real thing and eventually I was led to Christianity. I was baptized in 2018 after recovering from taking ecstasy because I had taken 2 pills of it which burned through my mind and I became hospitalized for some time. I pretty much wasted a year of my life because I was brain dead for all that time.

In 2019, I started to recover but I lost all direction of my life because of what happened. I decided to take all the things I learned from my experiences & accumulated knowledge and create something that was able to organize everything including my personal development. This was when I created a self-development plan listing of all the things I could do to improve myself. After I created this, I thought to myself wow this is a very good system that I could share with other people. But I had no ways of reaching people since I had lost all my connections after my drug incident.

I felt that I finally got my life back on track and decided to create a blog website talking about everything I’ve learned in the past 5 years. This was when I came up with the name Holistic Life Design. I had a whole working system that organized the direction of my life and I named this the Holistic Life Design system 1.0. I was now a Christian and also a Holistic Life Designer / Holistic Life Design Practitioner. This was a title I’ve given myself and I thought it sounded so cool and much better than “A guy who dabbles in self-help & personal development”. I decided fullheartedly I was going to invest into Holistic Life Design and this is how everything got up to this point.

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