Taking Action from Higher Emotional States

Before we engage into any endeavor, we should always do it from a higher emotional state if possible. The reason for this is that when we do things from higher emotional states, they are done with higher quality. If you are at all aware of vibrational frequency, you will understand that a higher emotional state means higher vibration and anything of a high vibration is always better than low vibration. Ironically right now as I am writing this article I am on a medium low vibration. However as I write more and more, I can gradually transition into a higher vibration / emotional state.

Vibration is really another term to indicate what level your emotional state is in currently. When I do things at a higher vibrational / emotional state, I am operating more in alignment with my true self which is who God created us to be. Most of us are blocked from these higher emotional states due to limiting beliefs and traumas and also just habitual ways of thinking. To fix this problem, one simply needs to relax and adjust by taking the appropriate actions which raise their emotional state. This could be as simple as making yourself some ice cream before engaging in a work of art or writing or even the act of prayer. Praying is a high vibrational activity because you are establishing your communication link to God.

Recently I discovered that a lot of people are blocked from praying because they are stuck in low vibrational states that keep them for doing so. In those times, short brief prayers are recommended to help alleviate those heavy feelings so you can recite or pray more powerfully with your spiritual essence. Aside from faith and spirituality, your emotional state is very helpful in determining the direction of your life. The reason is that our choices shape our future. Depending on whether our choices are high vibrational or not will determine if we will have a higher vibrational future. In a future post, I will be discussing the process of Quantum Leaping / Jumping and how it ties to ideal parallel realities and multiverses. So be on the look out for the article!

When we create from higher emotional states, our higher vibrational essence is imbued upon the work or action that is created. It first starts off from absolutely nothing to a simple building blocks of energy to a solidified manifestation. It is art of conception into physical reality given to us by God the Most High. This is what the Bible means when it says we are created in God’s image. So before you engage in anything you would like to find success in, make sure to put yourself in a higher emotional state first and it will yield a much greater result than from a lower emotional state. Higher emotional states also lead to soul knowledge only accessed from higher frequency states and this could lead to you gaining a lot of wisdom as well.

Do you ever feel certain times where inspiration suddenly hits and sometimes the words you’re speaking or writing seem so amazing that you are not even sure whether it was you who thought of it? Those are the times you are gaining direct wisdom or knowledge from God from higher emotional / vibrational states. These states can be accessed sometimes randomly or even on purpose if you know what you are doing. I myself tap into these vibrational states quite frequently because I am a music artist, lyricist, & writer. The flow of inspiration suddenly hits when I tap into those high emotional states and maintain them. If you stay in a high emotional state for a prolonged period of time, you’ll notice that you start making almost all the right choices in life that lead to everything you desire. This is just a piece of how it feels to be in alignment.

To take it a step further, cultivating a close relationship with God makes this alignment even more connected imbuing you with most of the mental, emotional, & spiritual manifestations that Jesus once had. Aside from instant manifestations like spawning fish on command, you get the emotional state equivalent which is indeed very powerful on its own. The only catch is that these emotional states are hard to maintain on your own and certain things like optimizing your diet, biohacking supplementation, & consistent prayer will be quite necessary to keep the momentum going. In another post, I will also be talking about biohacking for effectiveness & efficiency and anchoring your emotional states.

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