Why Reading Books is Good

I love reading books. It’s one of the reasons life is so interesting to me. I am able to expand my mind every day by reading at least one chapter of a book per day. I think reading can put you in a more positive emotional state in addition to the knowledge accumulation & gaining wisdom. My favorite books to read are personal development, philosophy, self-help, metaphysics, & psychology. These topics that I read about always help me expand my consciousness making me into a better thinker and also a more positive person with a better perspective towards life. Every time I read, I feel like I am leveling up into a new person. It is a nice feeling. I like reading also because it stimulates my creativity and I am able to connect ideas together.

If a person is completely new to reading books, I would recommend them to read a book called “How to read a book” as a starting foundation. After you read that book for the first time, you can start absorbing other books to add to your library and improve yourself day by day. When you absorb knowledge from books, what tends to also happen is that it sparks you to take action because it piques your interest. This happens especially when you are reading the practical books that you enjoy wholeheartedly. When you start applying what you learn from books, the knowledge & techniques, you will notice positive changes in your life.

I love to read multiple books at a time and track the pages I am on using the Reading List app. This allows me to enjoy the absorption of knowledge while not only being limited to one topic at a time. I can learn multiple things at a time by reading one chapter of each different book consisting of a different topic. When you read the right books, you can become a totally different person compared to who you were before. I love the idea of becoming a better version of yourself each day and reading allows us to embody this idea. I tend to stay away from fiction books even though they may contain valuable lessons because I am a man who seeks truth and wisdom rather than something made up.

The best books to read are definitely the topics I listed above: Personal Development, Philosophy, Psychology, Self-Help, & Metaphysics. These topics are quite good to read about because they are very transformational and the knowledge they yield can completely turn you into a whole different person that most won’t even recognize. The big problem with school is that they program you to read books that aren’t beneficial to your development or even applicable at all in life. You must select the right books to read in order to see the huge benefits of reading. This is why I am a huge advocate of self-education. Traditional school takes away the essence of learning through the skill of deep interest reading & study.

It is the selection of the topics you like the most to read about that will yield you the most return on investment. Even just 5 pages of a book day can transform your life for the better because you are feeding your brain with good stuff. I myself can’t go more than a couple days without reading because I am now constantly hungry for knowledge. The more knowledge you obtain, the more you desire and it is a positive upward cycle. I was feeling quite terrible at one point when I stopped reading for about 3 days and getting back into reading brought me so much joy and bliss once again. It’s crazy to say this but some people never pick up a book through out their entire life not knowing the joy & transformation it can bring them.

If you would like to build a solid foundation, we do recommend checking out the Book List of our website which you can find in our navigational menu. You can start reading any book from that list in no particular order at all as they are all interconnected layers of knowledge that can help you get to the next level of life. To sum things up, the biggest benefits to reading books are a more positive mindset, a better version of yourself, & stimulated creativity to be a better thinker and creator. The last big thing is that you can absorb the wisdom and knowledge of experts and masters who have done the things you dream of. Reading books is a super power that everyone should utilize in their life.

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