The Key to Instant Manifestation

I’m sure a lot of people have heard of the Law of Attraction. It’s basically the gift of being able to attract the things you want over to you. Not a lot of people know how to manifest the things they want with the Law of Attraction. And so there are quite a number of things I would like to include in this post that may be foundational to you being able to successfully manifest everything you want. The closest thing to instant manifestation is taking action which sounds so boring but is an essential ingredient in terms of inner intention. What is a practical way of tracking your manifestations instantly?

It is a To-Do List / Task list. When you write out a Task list of 12 items per day and complete each item, you are essentially manifesting 12 things a day that you know for certain. A lot of people misunderstand the law of attraction when they believe that they don’t have do anything at all and just wait for the things they want to fall into their lap. Not only is it action that is necessary for the Law of Attraction to work but also positive inspiration. The tasks you put on your list must be created out of positive inspiration & emotion. The closest thing between a positive action and neutral one is the emotion of relief.

If you are doing things to relieve yourself from negative emotions, it is the most foundational step to cultivating positively charged actions. There are things we are manifesting on a constant basis that we aren’t even aware of. An example of unconscious manifestation is the act of breathing on a daily basis. Breathing is a subconscious manifestation. This is called survival manifestation. There are other subtle forms of unconscious manifestation as waking up and checking your phone immediately. Some people may say that manifestation is linked to our habits. Yes, that is true because are habits are linked to our actions and our actions determine what we manifest in terms of inner intention (changing & making things happen through our will).

The other form of manifestation is called outer intention. It is when things come to you through the will of the Universe / God. These types of manifestations can happen instantly sometimes as well depending on closeness of your relationship with God and your understanding of the laws of the universe. They are both interconnected. It seems that the more you cultivate your relationship with God, the more you understand the world / universe. Another thing is if you understand the world / universe deeply, you will get to know God. Anyway, in order to make your manifestations happen faster or even instantly, you must be organized in your thoughts and also maintain a positively charged emotion for a prolonged period of time. Based on my experience, I would say maintain this emotion for up to a week consistently. After that weekly period, you start to notice instant positive manifestations happening all around you.

I would also like to mention some foundational keys / secrets to making this instant manifestation process even more fluid or smoother. It is the alkalization of your body. Alkalizing can make you more positively charged because of the bioelectricity being raised resulting in a higher vibrational frequency. This is why those who consume superfoods have a more clear & positive emotional state compared to those who mainly consume meat. Meat has a dense vibrational frequency but is still necessary in our diet so you don’t to go overboard on either sides. The key is balance.

Another essential ingredient is taking action from a positively charged emotional state rather than taking action from a negative state. If you want to manifest good things that are in alignment, then you must get into that good emotional state first and then all the actions you take will be in vibrational alignment and be of higher quality. An example of why I can write this article with some level of quality is because my emotional state is at a decent high level and it is not my level of skill in writing that determines how well it is written but rather the vibrational frequency in which I am creating this work from. That is why there are certain works or art or creations we are drawn to than others.

If you are drawn to a certain thing, that is the Law of Attraction being prevalent in your life. Writing this article is definitely a form of instant manifestation. Any type of art or creation like music, poetry, and dance are all forms of instant manifestation. Cooking is a form of instant manifestation as well. It is creation from nothing to a thought, to a physical creation. Everything starts from nothing first and then created into mental / psychic energy, then created into a thought, then to action and then to a physical creation. Manifestation is the highest form of alchemy that is evident in all religions and faiths. In an interesting sense, a creation of a To-Do List / Task List is indeed a high level form of alchemy because you are creating a list of thoughts on which to take action on which will bring results. That is High Level Instant Manifestation.

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